Beyond the recent skirmishes, what is the real dem

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Beyond the recent skirmishesThe surge, which has pushed India, what is the real democracy challenge in Albania? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Images of violence in and around the headquarters of the opposition Democratic Party (DP) of Albania were to be seen on January 8 and prompted criticismfor several weeks. This wasn. However, understanding the context is more relevant to the recent political developments in Albania.

The DP electoral defeat in the April 25, 2021, general elections was the last of uninterrupted election debacles under the eight years of Lulzim Basha’s chairmanship of the partyCOVID-19 vaccine tracker: tracing every dose o. This period was also marred by controversial, contested, and significant Basha personal decisions to abandon Parliament and boycott local elections in 2019. Without these decisions we could have seen a change of government at the ballot box on April 25. Basha has never regretted his decisions let alone apologized for them.?

In the wake of the April 25, 2021 elections, there was a feeling of malaise, resignation and inertia among the party members and functionaries along with the passive rejection of Basha’s leadership. This, fortunately, started to change last fall with former DP chair (and former President and PM) Sali Berisha launching a tour with the party grassroots and openly discussing the situation within the party and in the country.The Canadian Medical Association warns that without some sort of extra support?

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