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The slurry polyethylene process has achieved zero emissions

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company and Solvay polymers selected air products to provide a hydrocarbon and nitrogen recovery system for their polyethylene production unit in Baytown, Texas, which is scheduled to start in late 2002. Air products said that its proprietary technology will be able to recover almost 100% of the discharged hydrocarbons for the Chevron Phillips slurry polyethylene process and more than 97% of the high-purity nitrogen used in the degassing process, which can then be recycled

this kind of empty is usually replaced every 6 months. The special recovery and recycling device of the gas product company eliminates the emissions harmful to the environment, which are usually solved by combustion

the recovery process adopts the combination of pressure swing adsorption technology of air products company and partial compression to recover hydrocarbons in polyolefin unit. Before loading the system with purity exceeding and wiring correct, it is necessary to turn over the electromechanical 99% nitrogen for recycling in the unit. In addition, the zero emission technology of Air Products Company simplifies the licensing requirements of the device. Whether the whole plant is reliable

the air products company said that its recovery system can be rewarded within 1 to 2 years, which depends on the price of recovered hydrocarbons, nitrogen and electricity in the area where the plant is located

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