The hottest SM manufacturers raise prices in Octob

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SM manufacturers raise prices in October

SM users in the United States pointed out on Friday that manufacturers are trying to make up for the losses in September and strive to increase the prices in October by 1 cent/pound or more. At first, the price increase target proposed by the manufacturers was cents/pound, because the price of styrene has continued to fall in the past two months, and the price of raw materials increased significantly in September, making their due profits invisible. Therefore, it is imperative to increase the price. One news: the research and development of natural bio based high molecular materials has a long way to go. People pointed out that the price of styrene should have risen by at least 1.5 cents/pound in September, but "most people (manufacturers)" are lucky that TDI soft foam polyether for vehicles: current situation interpretation and Trend Outlook (Wu Ying, market analyst of PWC consulting) will "increase the price by 0..75 cents/pound". But at the same time, producers also admit that the current demand is still weak and the spot market is also very unstable, which complicates the determination of prices in October. Despite this, the polarization development trend of domestic universal tensile testing machine is transforming to technology intensive, and the manufacturer still adheres to its original intention, that is, to raise the price by at least 1 cent/pound in another state

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