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Small and medium-sized cartons make the operation more intuitive and simple; Lengthened stretch space enterprises improve technology don't hesitate to seize the opportunity to move forward

some time ago, the author visited more than a dozen paper and carton enterprises in Henan, Jiangsu and Anhui, and investigated the new projects and marketing. I found some clues, which are thought-provoking

one of the clues is that the packaging base paper produced by the paper mills in these places is transported to the south in large quantities by trains, cars and ships; Carton products produced in the south are transported to the north for sale. Behind this phenomenon, there is another situation: the vast majority of cartons and other product packaging materials transported from the south to the north for sale are large enterprises and users. Small and medium-sized units using paper packaging materials are still under the "strong" control of small carton factories. Although these small carton factories are experiencing fierce market competition in terms of quantity, most of them are. Their sales channels are still "old users", or the kind of local market controlled by local forces and some administrative intervention. If "Xinhu" carton salesmen from other counties and provinces are ready to rush into their sales territory, they will try their best to resist. Take measures such as entertaining and giving gifts, reducing the price and so on to protect their vested interests and hope to never lose them in the future

after "restructuring", "contracting" and "leasing", some medium-sized carton factories have objectively split into several smaller carton processing enterprises, and even a dozen people have set up a packaging factory. Under the impact of the competitive market, they don't care about the "national standards" of quality in the market. Only use "reduce work and materials" to make products and sell them to the "related customers" of the unit. Think it can be used in the market. Even if they can earn a few cents per square meter of box boards, they think it is "fruitful". They said that they also wanted to develop the factory further and were thinking hard. Before new decisions are made, it is still day after day. They also know that "turning pressure into power". As for the reasons of low management level, poor technical conditions, shortage of working capital, and even family style organizations, they are also the reasons that cause and hinder them to catch up and intensify reform. Unable to focus on joining the WTO, more than 130 WTO member countries will also open their doors to us, and enterprises can go to so many countries for packaging business development and trade

from another angle, we might as well change the working methods of these units, and the situation is much better

the first method is to suggest that they adopt new technology quickly. For example, small carton factories of the above types have adopted the technology of "pulp (wood pulp, straw pulp) one-time molding honeycomb board and its profile" of Xuzhou North South grass fiber company, which has produced good economic benefits. This factory is "one step ahead" in China and has produced a batch of large-scale "one-time molded" packages. This kind of package is for the export of a beautiful flower basket more than one meter high. If other packaging methods are adopted, many complex processes need to be gone through. Using the new process of Xuzhou North South grass fiber company, the inner packaging, outer packaging and various convex and concave complex shapes are combined together and cast at one time. The method is simple, convenient and novel, which not only improves the quality, but also greatly reduces the cost

the leaders of this factory are foresight. When some people are still waiting and hesitating about the new achievement of Xuzhou North South grass fiber company, which uses pulp to make various packaging materials at one time, they have made a second "one step ahead". Strike while the iron is hot and lead the staff to continuously build "one-time forming" convex concave cardboard and "composite packaging board" from pulp, which are supplied to building decorators and primary and secondary schools as plates and fabrics for making desks. The market sales are booming, the benefits are rising, and the employees are satisfied

the second method is to suggest these enterprises to take the road of "centralized board making and decentralized box making". The first reason for small enterprises to unite is that they must fully understand the market competition and the more brutal competition caused by the fact that a large number of foreign packaging materials enter China to use trouser shaped samples insensitive to the length of the incision after China's entry into the WTO. At that time, the life cycle of packaging materials on the market was getting shorter and shorter, new products were emerging in endlessly, and updates were more frequent. Our enterprises closely integrated scientific research, marketing and various production links through their own technological progress, promoting the combined "group" to spend more time and energy to study the new situation of market changes and make decisions for further development

since many small and medium-sized paper mills produce packaging base paper, the purpose is to sell it to carton factories to manufacture packaging materials. It costs tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan per month to reach the standard of sewage treatment, and the annual accumulated cost is millions. This large number must be "substandard" for the economy of enterprises. If you save money and take the road of "pulp one-time molding honeycomb paperboard and various profiles", you can promote the early realization of the goal of "centralized board". This operation improves the utilization rate of resources, organically combines papermaking and cartons, and saves a lot of equipment and capital investment in processes. The production site and production personnel are greatly reduced, the utilization rate of equipment and labor productivity are improved, the product quality is improved, and the product reputation of the enterprise is enhanced... Then the prepared various box plate profiles are distributed to various small carton factories for deep processing, and the finished products are sent to the market for sale

the relevant state departments have called for the operation of "centralized board making and decentralized box making" a long time ago. Because these units mistakenly think that "fat and water cannot flow into outsiders' fields" or other ideas that are not easy to talk about, they have no courage to "open a meal" at the international science and technology feast nbsp; From the perspective of the new material industry, Ningbo is facing this good experience recognized by the public

the market cannot be without competition, and enterprises must develop. "Entry into the customs" is imminent, and the storm of the international packaging market is coming. You should make a decision as soon as possible

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