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There is a translucent data center in Beijing

there is a very strange data center in Beijing, with strange shape, layout and design ideas. This strange data center is located in a triangle at the southwest corner of Beijing Liuliqiao. Its top building is the Beijing government service center, and the Beijing government cloud data center provides services for the government service center

triangular data center

if viewed from the northeast, Beijing government service center looks like a boat; But from the southwest, it is a triangular building composed of two trapezoidal buildings. Of course, this is not the novelty of designers. It is really restricted by congenital conditions. In Beijing, where there is an inch of land and money, the government service center can only condescend to this triangle

for this reason, although the construction area of Beijing government cloud data center reaches 5500 square meters, it must also be irregular triangular. If designed according to the classic layout of the data center, it should be more like the large bay office area of modern enterprises. The central location is the open office area for employees, surrounded by separate areas such as staff offices and meeting rooms. The same should be true of the data center. The center is located in the data room, and others such as spare parts room, test room, battery room, precision air conditioning room, diesel generator room, high and low voltage equipment room, UPS distribution room are located in the corner

however, due to geographical conditions, the design pattern of Beijing government cloud data center is more like a traditional lattice office building, and its construction adopts the method of overall planning and phased implementation. Phase I construction of the data center includes: No.1-3 cloud machine room, public machine room, network machine room, power distribution machine room, monitoring center, cylinder room, etc. Phase II construction includes: no.4-6 cloud machine room, etc

from the perspective of pattern, each machine room is relatively independent, and the supporting facilities such as motor room are located in the center. The cloud machine room, public machine room and network machine room are arranged in a semi arc around the power distribution machine room. This is a pity, but it is also a wisdom that adapts to local conditions. This layout minimizes the length and loss of cables, and also reduces the energy consumption of water-cooled air conditioners

exquisite and energy-saving data center

of course, laymen watch the excitement, and insiders watch the doorway. In the view of insiders, the design of each part of Beijing government cloud data center is quite exquisite, even called double insurance. Taking the air conditioning system as an example, the data center is equipped with four water-cooled air conditioners with 3+1 redundancy, which is a heavy insurance. And the main air-conditioning circuit adopts the ring design, that is, the failure of a single air-conditioner will not affect the refrigeration of the overall system, which is the second insurance. In addition, there is a third insurance, two cold storage tanks, which can also meet the 15 minute backup cold storage

the same is true of the power supply and distribution system. With this added value of 0.2mm, the power supply and distribution of the constant data center is divided into: power supply and UPS power supply. Power supply is responsible for supplying power to air conditioning, lighting and other equipment; UPS power supply is responsible for the power supply of computing, storage, networking and other IT equipment. The UPS power supply of Beijing government cloud data center adopts a completely independent 2n system, and the power supply route is completely physically independent. The power comes from different substations and different fire zones. If one system fails, the other power supply system can fully support the normal operation of the data center

in terms of power supply of power system, it also pursues foolproof. The air conditioning fan of the project is also equipped with UPS power supply. If, I mean, if the diesel generator cannot be started temporarily in case of mains power failure, even if the main machine of inter row refrigeration and air conditioning stops running, the indoor fan can also be powered by the parallel UPS system to solve the problem of equipment shutdown and data loss caused by short-term temperature rise in the closed cold channel

let's look at the design of energy saving. Compared with the air-cooled air conditioner, the pue value of the water-cooled air conditioner itself is low. At the same time, the normal protection of the spring experimental machine cannot be relaxed this time. The water-cooled air conditioner also adopts the natural board ventilation design, that is, the air conditioner host only works in summer. In four months in winter and three months in spring and autumn in Beijing, it can make full use of the outdoor cold air and reduce the refrigeration energy consumption. In addition, the energy-saving design of Beijing government affairs cloud data center is also reflected in many details. For example, all lighting devices use LED lights, and intelligent light control is adopted. When someone passes, the system will automatically illuminate, and when no one passes, the lighting will automatically turn off. It will automatically identify whether there are people in the area. It is precisely because there are so many exquisite energy-saving designs that people come to the light and go to the light, The pue value of Beijing government cloud data center can be kept below 1.5 all year round, while the pue value of traditional data centers is usually about 1.8~2.5

the data center of the micro module

it can be seen from this that the Beijing government affairs cloud data center is a delicate, complex and huge project, but it may have been 11 years of development. Many people do not know that the project has only six months from the official entry and construction to the initial acceptance and use ability, during which the 9.3 military parade and 10.1 National Day are also involved. At most, there are nearly 200 engineers from different units working at the same time

the reason why the construction can be completed within such a short construction period is largely because the cloud machine room completely adopts micro module technology. The so-called micro module is more like a capsule or container. It is to divide the data center site into micro modules according to industry standards, that is, divide the entire data center into several independent areas, and integrate the rack, air conditioning, fire protection, wiring, power distribution, monitoring, lighting and other systems. This can not only greatly reduce the construction cost, but also greatly shorten the construction cycle of the data center

of course, the advantage of the micro module is more than that. You usually feel a little hot when you enter the micro module machine room. Don't be nervous about it. Open the door of the micro module, you can feel a completely different micro environment. An independent air conditioning and refrigeration system ensures that the internal temperature of the micro module is absolutely cool

another detail is worth noting. There is 1U space between each device in the cabinet of the micro module. The existence of the gap ensures that the device can fully dissipate heat, and the front end of this 1U space must be closed with a baffle. According to the construction party, this is also a trick to save energy, which ensures that all the cold air of the air conditioner passes through the interior of the server and switch, enters from the front end and flows out from the back end, instead of slipping away from the outside of the equipment, so as to maximize the refrigeration efficiency. Of course, this is only a detail, but if ignored, it is very easy to cause the disconnection between design and use, so that excellent products cannot show excellent ability

competing government cloud

in fact, the micro module technology is only applied in the cloud machine room of Beijing government cloud data center, and what is the role of the public machine room? As early as October, 2011, Beijing began the pilot of government cloud, and then successively provided cloud services to more than 20 units. In 2014, Mayor Wang Anshun of Beijing commented that it is imperative to use the government cloud to promote the intensive development of municipal e-government

in other words, in the future, the business systems of the commissions and offices of the Beijing municipal government will try to use cloud computing platforms for services. This is also the reason why there are both cloud machine rooms and public machine rooms in the design of Beijing government cloud data center. Applications that can go to the cloud are directly moved to the cloud machine room, and individual business applications that cannot go to the cloud temporarily will choose to go to the cloud as the system is upgraded

Beijing government affairs cloud adopts the mode of enterprise investment in resource construction and government purchase of services. In October 2015, through bidding, Taiji cloud and Jinshan cloud became two government cloud service providers settled in the cloud machine room. Taiji cloud and Jinshan cloud are two service providers that compete with each other in business, but in system, they are backups of each other, achieving 99.99% availability of the government cloud platform and 99.9999% data reliability

in February 2016, the main station of the capital window, credit Beijing and other systems have moved into the government cloud. Of course, price is also a sensitive issue, and relevant departments have given guidance in this regard. For cloud computing, cloud storage, Internet bandwidth, security services and other basic services, the price of government cloud is usually 60% - 80% of the market price of public cloud; For value-added services such as application load, WAF protection, remote access and backup services, the maximum price is limited

translucent data center

of course, whether it's micro module or government cloud, the breaking strength of Beijing government cloud number is 200 times higher than that of the best steel, according to the attention of professionals in the center. Entering the data center, you will feel that it is particularly different, especially the cloud machine room and public machine room adopt translucent design. On the side of the machine room close to the corridor, 32 glass curtain walls are fully used, and the inside of the machine room can be seen at a glance

why is it so designed? According to the person in charge of relevant departments, in addition to providing services for the government cloud, the data center also plays the role of a popular science exhibition hall. Citizens who come to the government service center can apply for a visit, and ordinary citizens can also understand what cloud computing is and how data is stored in the cloud? If you want to move the system into the government affairs cloud, you can also investigate the commercial housing environment they will purchase in the future. Even through the QR code on the glass curtain wall, visitors can understand what equipment has been settled in the data center and what services can be provided. Standing outside the door, you can also see through the entire data center. For visitors, the translucent data center will become fully transparent

in addition, there are many details that are not easy to notice. In fact, these details are specially designed for the convenience of citizens and users. For example, the LED light strips in each corridor adopt different colors to indicate the type of machine room; Asymmetric ceiling in the corridor, convenient for temporary theme display; Air conditioning water pipe identification, visual indication of route; Use the wiring tools to ensure beautiful wiring; The machine room is wrapped with rounded corners to ensure personnel safety. Of course, if you are visiting, you can't help but go to the cloud computing science corridor. The tens of meters of corridor focuses on the development of Beijing's informatization, the types and differences of cloud computing and data centers

however, it is for this reason that it undertakes the task of popularizing science, which also makes it more difficult to manage the government cloud data center. Traditional data centers are mostly closed management, while government cloud data centers adopt semi open management. Because the people who enter the data center come from different units, from the perspective of users, we must solve who to find? What for? From the perspective of operation and maintenance, what is the patrol inspection? Pay attention to what? What is the standard

according to the person in charge of relevant departments, the government cloud data center has achieved 24-hour full monitoring. For the management of personnel entering and leaving, the government cloud data center has also put forward a relatively perfect management system

intelligent data center produced nationwide

no matter professionals or visitors, you can see another highlight of Beijing government cloud data center: all software and hardware adopt domestic systems, ranging from UPS, air conditioning, micro modules to optical fiber and generic cabling cables, without exception. Generally speaking, it is not uncommon to use nationwide network, computing and storage equipment in data centers, but core systems such as power distribution and central control still tend to be foreign brands. This time, Huawei equipment is used for UPS power distribution, cabinet and water-cooled air conditioner. At the same time, the integrated management platform of zhenshitong company also realizes the unified management of security system, access control system and environmental monitoring system

of course, in order to make the data

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