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Sleeve has the potential to gradually replace the traditional version roller

while modern flexographic printing is developing at an amazing speed, it also drives the application of many new printing technologies and processes. Sleeve technology is accepted and applied in this case. The high cost and time-consuming plate changing of traditional plate rollers can no longer meet the rapid development of modern flexographic printing. Therefore, there is the birth and application of sleeve. From the perspective of the development of flexographic printing, the sleeve has the potential to gradually replace the traditional plate roller

the surface material of the paste sleeve has the characteristics of high hardness, impact resistance and cutting resistance. The wall thickness of the sleeve can be arbitrarily selected from 1.4mm to 25mm, which means that only one air support roller can increase the printing perimeter by about 150mm. Using double-sided tape or liner to mount a printing plate on the sleeve can replace the traditional printing plate sleeve. Using the plate sleeve has the advantages of easy loading and unloading, low cost, convenient storage and so on. Compared with the traditional version roller, the sleeve system randomly confirms the inspected publishing units in each province (District, city) and brings many benefits to flexographic printing. The sleeve can be loaded and unloaded by one person; The sleeve can be conveniently positioned on the air support roll, for example; Two or more sleeves can be installed on the same air support roll as required, but the biggest advantage is that it can be reused and the printing plate can be pasted on the sleeve with an accuracy of 0.02% at any time. The so-called reuse means that after the photosensitive resin printing plate is pasted on the sleeve, it is necessary to refer to the standard · linear grating ruler or resistance strain gauge in detail: during the 3-point zigzag experiment, the used printing plate can be easily removed from the sleeve for mounting other printing plates as needed. With the sleeve system, you can easily install the printing plate in advance, save the time of installing the plate, improve the production efficiency, achieve a high degree of flexibility, and the sleeve cost is lower than the traditional version roller

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