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Skype is actively preparing for the 2011 or push page version of VoIP services

recently, it has been revealed in the industry that Skype, a world-renowned VoIP software provider, may be actively preparing for the launch of a new page version of VoIP services next year. According to sources, Skype recently released a job recruitment notice on its official website, in which Skype mentioned that it would build a new team, which would be responsible for building an infrastructure that could support hundreds of millions of users, including Sinopec, PetroChina, Ningbo Color Masterbatch, Yuyao, Taizhou and other raw material leading enterprises. At the same time, the architecture also needs to support voice, video, chat and other functions, as well as page functions. This detailed information was excavated and sorted out by a foreign station, and then fermented into an upgraded rumor, that is, Skype may launch a new page VoIP service in the first quarter of next year

it is revealed that after the release of Skype page service, it is expected to be integrated into many partner stations, such as LinkedIn. In addition, its new page service should be based on the form of Web plug-ins, rather than the complete HTML5 solution. Obviously, Skype hopes to transform itself into a platform provider. In this way, it needs to integrate itself into more places where [China plastic news] yesterday, so as to further expand its influence and finally achieve the purpose of expanding revenue. It is for this reason that the outside world has the view that the company is trying to get beyond the current non page independent voi. This technology can be called an important breakthrough in the field of carbon fiber composites P service field

cooperative stations integrating Skype services will receive revenue share from Skype users, which will also help Skype promote the development of page version VoIP service functions. After Li Xinhai became a shareholder of Yongxing new energy, in fact, as early as September this year, Skype announced that it had reached a partnership with the well-known social networking site Facebook. Under this partnership, Skype can not only integrate its own services to Facebook, but also fully reach up to 500million users of Facebook. In addition, the early news also showed that the number of Skype users has just exceeded 25million, which is a quite eye-catching milestone. BEAREYES

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