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Slightly double the price of "face changing" drug packaging is too valuable

the same is the dissatisfaction encountered in the research process in Guangzhou. 89 of 10 "Yili Keteling" produced by Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical General Factory. Just because the packaging is different, the price difference is more than twice. Yesterday, I visited more than ten pharmacies and found this strange phenomenon

at the Hualian pharmacy on Liji Road, I spent 2.8 yuan to buy 50 pieces of "Yili Keteling" tablets packed in plastic bottles, 100 tablets per bottle, which will be used to build the production line of bio based high molecular composite materials. In the nearby senyisen pharmacy chain store, only "Yili Keteling" capsules packaged in plastic bottles are sold. Similarly,

is 2.8 yuan/bottle, but only 30 capsules. In wusheng branch of Hubei pharmaceutical group, "Yili Keteling" capsule has changed its "coat" and is sealed with aluminum-plastic. It looks beautiful, but the price has also doubled: 9.3 yuan/box, a total of 24 capsules

according to the sensor survey, most pharmacies sell the most expensive one. Through contacting Mr. Zhang, the general agent of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Factory. He admitted that the ingredients and functions of these three drugs are exactly the same, and they are packaged differently for rural areas, small cities and large cities

interviewed several citizens who bought medicine at random. Everyone believes that drugs don't care about packaging. The key is to be effective and cheap

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