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Skyscrapers are controversial for their high energy consumption, safety and traffic problems

in recent years, with the development of large and medium-sized cities in China, many places are striving to build local, provincial and regional "leading high-rise buildings". To show the city image and economic strength with skyscrapers has become a development path that many cities are keen on

although skyscrapers can maximize the use of land resources, the problems it brings are contrary to the current concept of "low-carbon economy". Super high-rise buildings are like an upright street. There are many difficult problems in safety, transportation, environment, energy consumption and so on

because skyscrapers are too high, in order to reduce the weight of the wall, usually the glass curtain wall design of steel frame structure can only be used, which leads to a sharp decline in the thermal insulation function of the wall. The research shows that the heat loss of glass curtain wall is more than 10 times that of typical masonry infilled wall. This means that in order to maintain the appropriate temperature in the room, more electric energy needs to be consumed. In order to reduce heat loss, skyscrapers have begun to use double-layer glass panels and glass reflective coatings. However, in the case of limited progress in thermal efficiency, it will have a great impact on adjacent buildings. The reflection of skyscraper mirror wall leads to the improvement of nearby air temperature, and also brings some abnormal weather effects, such as heat island effect

with the increase of floor height, the daily maintenance cost of skyscrapers increases significantly. High rise buildings usually need to be supplied with water by pumping at least twice. The higher the floor, the greater the water pressure, and the power consumption of water transmission will increase significantly. Someone vividly drew an analogy, which is equivalent to every 3. Accuracy level of the experimental machine: when using the toilet at level 1, you have to pump the water to half empty first. In addition, the design of refuge floor, fire protection design, elevator and air conditioning system will consume more resources with the increase of floor height, and some things that do not become a problem in many low-rise buildings will be amplified

the data shows that the cost of super high-rise buildings is high. The service life of a super high-rise building is calculated as 65 years, and its maintenance cost is 3 times that of a general building. Please re tension the tensioning wheel. Some architects believe that skyscrapers more than 300 meters high have lost the economic significance of saving land. From the perspective of architecture, buildings below 100 meters should be more economical

in Europe, which pays more attention to environmental protection, many cities restrict the high demand of urban buildings. For some users of electro-hydraulic servo experimental machines, there is a need to apply for NADCAP (American aerospace and defense contractor credit project) certification. For example, there are only three ultra-high buildings in Frankfurt, and there is no ultra-high city in Marseille and other economically developed areas. At present, the construction history of super high-rise buildings in China is relatively short, and many problems have not been thoroughly studied. The planning and design of skyscrapers should not only consider the image of the city, but should comprehensively consider many factors such as safety, energy consumption, transportation, environmental protection, etc., so as to avoid a series of hidden dangers that are difficult to eliminate during and after the construction

in addition, the traffic problems caused by skyscrapers are also worrying. The characteristics of skyscrapers cause a sharp rise in local population density, which will increase the load on the already stressful urban internal traffic, making the increasingly congested traffic worse. Often I see a skyscraper in front of me, but I can't walk around. These problems also lead to the unnecessary consumption of energy and the increase of emissions

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