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With the continuous development of information technology, digital technology is playing an increasingly important role in different fields. The same is true in the packaging industry. After continuous progress, the technology of domestic film slitter has made significant breakthroughs in speed, width, control and comprehensive performance. Digitalization has also become an important direction for the development of domestic film slitter

prodigy II cut the master roll with a film width of more than 1000mm into 20mm films at least. The cutting edge is neat under high-speed operation, and the cutting effect is good

before being used for packaging, many packaging materials often go through many processes, such as slitting printing (or coating), compounding and slitting, but the cutting methods in each slitting process are different. The common slitting methods are: (1) cutting edge, cutting off the process edge reserved in the previous process, which is mostly used for the processing of composite films and other materials; (2) Cutting, cutting the wide coil into several rolls of narrow size materials; (3) Sub roll, which divides the large roll diameter material into several rolls of small roll diameter material, which is equivalent to rewinding, etc. These methods are sometimes used in combination. No matter which process is adopted, the material after slitting should meet the corresponding technical indicators: size requirements (refers to the width and length of the slitting material, etc.) and quality requirements (flatness of the coil, surface quality, etc.)

manufacturing and purchasing qualified slitting equipment should not only meet these technical indicators, but also consider the following two factors: operating efficiency, mainly including the working speed and stability of the equipment and the difficulty of machine operation; Economic performance refers to the scope of application of equipment to materials, the processing limit size, as well as the price and energy consumption of equipment

with the continuous development of packaging technology and the improvement of packaging grade, the performance requirements of packaged items on packaging materials are becoming increasingly prominent, and there are many materials with special properties, such as aluminum plating film with shading effect and high surface quality requirements, CPP film with large elongation, multi-material composite film with high barrier performance, etc. Continuous application of various new materials 1 When setting the initial value of the counter on the screen, the company will still adhere to the strategic transformation to promote development, which is to promote the rapid development of the flexible packaging market in the case of power failure. With the growth of market demand and the development of special application fields, the requirements for cutting packaging materials and cutting equipment are becoming higher and higher. On the other hand, with the gradual promotion of automatic packaging equipment in the packaging industry, such as food packaging, cigarette packaging, etc., these automatic packaging machines are very picky about the quality requirements of the materials after slitting, which brings a broad development space for the slitting machine to high-grade and high-precision control

in the past, the high-precision and high-speed slitter used by domestic enterprises was mainly monopolized by a few foreign manufacturers. With regard to the development of domestic slitting machines, there is such an image metaphor in the industry: the early slitting machine has a simple structure, the speed is about 100m/min, and the mechanical friction mode of winding tension is manual control, which is referred to as "machine"; Later, after some transformation, the winding is controlled by means of clutch, and the traction and winding are controlled by a single motor. The speed is less than 200m/min, which is called "Simulator"; Since then, the new full-automatic high-speed Slitter, using digital automatic control, has a speed of more than 300m/min, just like the "digital machine" in the field of modern communication

with the improvement of the technical capacity of domestic enterprises, different manufacturers have launched digital controlled high-speed slitting machines. The following introduces the high-speed digital control slitting machines produced by several domestic manufacturers to get a glimpse of the latest progress of domestic slitting technology

new concept of intelligent slitting

Hangzhou Dahua Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd. plans to transfer the equity corresponding to the registered capital of Yongxing new energy of 30million yuan and the corresponding investment rights and obligations to Li Xinhai Co., Ltd. at 0 yuan. At the beginning of this year, it developed a product tailored for mainstream users in the flexible packaging industry - little prodigy II slitting machine. The little prodigy II flexible packaging Slitter series has absorbed many advantages of Dahua Slitter in the past. It adopts the central winding mode and the latest digital control and drive technology, with a stable working speed of 300~400 meters/minute, a winding diameter of 800 mm, a winding diameter of 500 mm, and a minimum winding width of 30 mm. In addition, the film connecting table, waste edge treatment system and cutter conversion system specially designed for this machine have originality, and more options can meet the specific requirements of more customers. The man-machine dialogue system with digital control makes it more convenient for us to ensure quality. This Slitter can Slitter PE, PP, PVC and PET films, paper and composite films. The whole design takes high speed, high efficiency, high precision and high reliability as the basic requirements, so that customers can truly experience the excellent performance of high-quality and cost-effective Slitter with moderate price

through continuous innovation, Dahua Industrial control has successively developed a series of digital slitting machines. The slitting machines of XIAOBAWANG, oushen, xiaowutong II and other series are being used by more and more users. On the basis of digital slitting machine technology, Dahua Industrial control has recently introduced a new concept - intelligent high-speed slitting machine, a new generation of slitting machine that is more perfect, more practical and more powerful

intelligent high-speed slitting machine continues all the advantages of Dahua slitting machine in the past. On the basis of high speed, high efficiency and high reliability, it adds significant functions of slitting experts, including: process expert function, operation expert function and after-sales service expert function. Intelligent slitting machine solves the problem of complex operation of high-end slitting machine. The introduction of intelligence makes the performance of this new generation of slitting machine tend to be perfect

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