The hottest Samsung OLED notebook panel is exposed

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Samsung OLED notebook panel is exposed to suffer from abnormal display problems, and the listing will be postponed

as early as 2017, SamSung monitor supplied 2koled notebook panel to HP, but its price is much higher than that of L. it shows that the battery system can simultaneously supply power to 1 TV, 1 computer, 1 electric fan and 10 60W lighting bulbs (see Figure 3) through the actual performance block and wheel without damage and cracks. CD sales are not optimistic. The good news is that recently, OLED panels have fallen sharply, and the price gap with LCD notebook panels is gradually decreasing. At present, the price difference between Samsung display 15.6-inch OLED notebook panels and LCD panels with the same resolution is about $50-60. If OLED panels are used in high-end notebooks, they will be more competitive. SamSung monitor is also actively negotiating with HP, Dell, Lenovo and other brands for supply

recently, however, it has been reported from the supply chain that due to the large size of the OLED notebook panel, it is easy to deform the screen during assembly, and there are also problems with the matching of this panel with the system side in the mechanism as described above, resulting in abnormal images. However, there are no obvious quality problems with the OLED panel provided by Samsung, so it takes time to improve, This may delay the launch time of some OLED notebook terminal products, said Michael Li, mechanical design manager of Xiaomi technology

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