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According to foreign media letsgodigital, on January 15, Samsung obtained a patent from USPTO (U.S. patent and Trademark Office), which is described as a "three-dimensional display device and user interface method"

the 3D display device can be a 3D TV or 3D display that can be connected to a smart or tablet computer. It can display different types of content, such as 2D/3D videos or photos of the China Plastics Fair, and 3D games

due to the use of the camera, the device also allows users to create 3D content by themselves. The camera can recognize different types of objects, so that the user interface can be adjusted accordingly and relevant information can be displayed

Samsung's 3D display devices are equipped with 3D user interfaces. The integrated detection sensor is used to detect when it contacts virtual objects in 3D space. For the operation of 3D display device, several possibilities are mentioned, such as touch operation, but the operation through the touch pen is also mentioned

the device can send and receive information to intelligence. For example, when you make a video call on the smart phone, the person you are talking to can be displayed on the Samsung 3D display. If you share a music file, it can be displayed on the screen and played

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