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Samsung Galaxy fold folding screen not sold first broken? Many media said that the screen was fragile.

foreign media Engadget news, and many media said that Samsung Galaxy fold folding screen had serious problems. Dieter born of the verge, a technology blog, said that a bulge appeared at the crease of the display screen, which broke the screen after only one day of use. Steve Kovacs of CNBC said on twitter that the evaluation display he received had begun to blink

the verge's evaluation machine

Bloomberg's mark gulman also said that his screen broke after two days of use, but he also pointed out that he tore off the performance indicators on the. See Table 3 for a layer of protective film, which may be the cause of screen damage

Bloomberg evaluation machine

"this one has a protective layer. Samsung said that you shouldn't tear it off. But I tore it off, and I didn't know I couldn't tear it off (consumers won't know). Its lower left corner looks removable, so I took it off. I think this is one of the reasons for the problem." Mark said on twitter

youtube marques Brownlee (mkbhd) also encountered similar problems after tearing off the protective film. He believes that this is a screen saver. Samsung said that the protective film should not be torn - there is a suggestive slogan on the packaging bag to remind people not to tear off the protective film

at present,

engadget said that Samsung had been asked to comment on these issues, but it was not clear how wide these influences were. Although folding the screen will inevitably bring all kinds of new troubles, Samsung can no longer afford a more serious hardware disaster after the note 7 battery explosion accident. Although Samsung has not fully announced the after-sales plan of Galaxy fold, there are rumors that the company will provide screen replacement services for free

and there are multi-level seals. Although the price of Galaxy fold is expensive, it does not prevent people from starting crazy reservations before trial. The reservation quota of Samsung Galaxy fold has been sold out before the report of screen damage

on Samsung's station, this also displays the out of stock status. Samsung told consumers who booked one of the foldable models that they could not buy Galaxy fold because of "too much demand", and they had been listed on the waiting list

in addition, at & T's current order shows that the delivery date is early June, which is far from the launch date on April 26. The initial sales stock of Samsung Galaxy fold will not be too large, and the current supply is still tight. This is obviously in demand. For those who will take the lead in owning foldable, it may be more like a symbol of identity

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