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Samsung's future flagship machine or smart machine with curved screen that fully adopts curved display

Samsung Electronics' curved screen is popular, and Galaxy note 7 abandons the general flat screen and pushes curved screen only. Samsung executives suggested that in the future, Galaxy S series flagship machines may completely use curved displays to compete with traditional screens

According to businesskorea and the Korean Herald, Koh Dong Jin, head of Samsung's electronic action department, said in an interview in New York that if the curved screen machine can make a distinction through software functions and convenience, Samsung is considering making the curved screen a feature of the Galaxy S series. The implication is that the Galaxy S series may no longer push flat screens, but will use curved screens instead

in 2015, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge was the first hyperboloid screen model, but at that time, the yield of hyperboloid screen was poor, and the sales also affected the change of shrinkage rate. Now Samsung has successfully overcome the yield problem, and it is expected to see Note7 as a buyer and decide whether the S8 launched next year will only push curved screen models

some media pointed out that note 7 adopts curved screen, which represents the take-off of OLED panel market. In the past, LCD has always been the mainstream of smart phones, but recently OLED has gradually become a trend. Luchang oppo and vivo have released OLED smart phones. It is said that the new iPhone will also be equipped with OLED panels next year. From Samsung display's OLED shipments soared, we can also see that the trend of export value in the first half of this year is not very optimistic

According to IHS data, Samsung display shipped 98.38 million OLED panels in the second quarter of this year, with a record annual growth rate of 81. 5%。 Samsung display is the OLED surface of the global intelligent machine, 8.100 ± 10mm/min; The absolute overlord of the board has been initially recognized by MiCasa, with a market share of 99%

BOE took the lead and ranked second in the Japanese factory. The third place is Japan display Inc. (JDI)。 The fourth place is Luchang Tianma. Han Chang lgdisplay fell all the way from third to fifth

this year, there is only one Note7, all of which adopt hyperboloid screens, and there is no longer a general screen. In other words, unlike the S7 Series, which is divided into general screen S7 and hyperbolic screen s7edge, note 7 is equipped with curved screen. This strategy shows that Samsung is very confident in the high price hyperboloid screen, and believes that without playing the safety card (non curved surface machine), it can also be hot

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S7 edge has sold out in a scare. It is said that both Luchang Xiaomi and Huawei are quite jealous and are eager to follow up. They placed orders with LG and Samsung respectively to release curved screen smartphones in September

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