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Samsung Galaxy x folding screen is ready: bend at will like paper

according to phonearena, the torque provided by the Korean fatigue testing machine is a dynamic torque newspaper, Samsung will launch a foldable, named Galaxy X in 2018. The question now is when South Korean giants will make their debut

previously, Samsung and LG were the first companies to make curved screen products, mainly thanks to their dominant position in the panel field and years of hard work

however, Samsung will not be alone, because many news points out that apple, LG, Huawei and others will inject into foldable products, but the time may be later than Samsung

in September this year, Gao Dongzhen, the head of Samsung and now the "Three Musketeers" who holds the highest authority of SamSung group, revealed that the company plans to sell foldable smart phones in 2018

according to a source from Samsung's display department, the bending coefficient of the foldable panel built by the enterprise is 1.0R, which means it can be bent inward like paper. LG can only achieve 2.5R at present, and 1.0R needs to be ready in 2019

as for how to realize the above achievements, the general view is the introduction of plastic materials in oled6, integrated circuits and printed boards that cannot be disassembled with electricity. Of course, considering that Samsung has applied for quite a number of patents related to folding, we also look forward to how Samsung will show its black technology components at that time

it is said that Samsung is eager to take out the foldable products and tighten the screws for one time, which is also to take credit from apple and further suppress the latter's potential support for LG as an OLED screen supplier

galaxy x is a very mysterious product. Forbes has fully met the mechanical standard of pipe testing. It can be seen that more than 100000 of Samsung's planned products are only launched for the Korean market, which is very cautious

therefore, the galaxy x must be equipped with Samsung's own exynos 9 series chip. Are you looking forward to it

source: fast technology

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