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Samsung launched authentic anti-counterfeiting packaging

just after Samsung PLEOMAX landed in China, it officially opened its vitality and wonderful journey. When new products enter the Chinese market, they should also do a good job in the protection of authentic products at the first time, strengthen the promotion, resolutely safeguard the interests of consumers, and prevent parallel and fake goods from taking advantage of opportunities. The anti-counterfeiting label specially launched for PLEOMAX has been put on record in the anti-counterfeiting inquiry system of the China Association of quality inspection parts selection, which is more combined with vehicle positioning, cost, regulations, performance and other comprehensive factors, and has appeared on the outer packaging of dozens of products including keyboard, mouse, speaker, headset, camera and so on. The genuine product promotion of Samsung PLEOMAX was launched at the same time as the new product release. From the beginning of the activities at each station of the exhibition tour, the anti-counterfeiting labels of PLEOMAX and the cartoon image PLEO as the product endorsement appeared on products, posters, licensing and even the clothing of salespersons. In China, whether the needle position of Samsung PLEO ② is correct and fasten all products of max. a unique blue anti-counterfeiting label with "Samsung PLEO cartoon image" is pasted on the product package - this is also the only valid certificate to identify the genuine accessories of Samsung PLEO max. In addition to the cartoon image on the label, PLEO uses the traditional four-color printing as a primary anti-counterfeiting. According to the anti-counterfeiting prompt on the anti-counterfeiting logo, users can also immediately identify the authenticity of the product by SMS query after purchasing accessories

Samsung product anti-counterfeiting label pasted on the product packaging box (specification: 35mm × 40mm)

after the press conference, Samsung PLEOMAX will continue to hold new product tours and on-site hot selling activities in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places, and more users across the country will feel the perfect experience brought by genuine PC accessories. The anti-counterfeiting sticker of cartoon PLEO will ensure that consumers can truly enjoy the accessory products that Samsung provides for the majority of users and can not be wrongly identified due to misreading, which are both fashionable and performance

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