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Samsung executives suggested that Apple may launch the foldable iPhone

2019 will be a year of foldable "xiaojinggush". The foldable flexpai has been released, and the foldable products of Samsung Galaxy F and Huawei have been confirmed. However, there are few revelations about Apple's foldability. After all, although the foldable field is not mature at present, as a new form in the future, Apple should not miss this market

recently, the news about Apple's foldability was revealed, but who ever thought that the news was actually leaked from the mouth of Samsung executives

according to Federico casalegno, head of Samsung design innovation center, in the Korean Herald, "compared with the surround display, Apple seems to be considering it as a possible design for its foldable model."

but this is only the "one-sided statement" of Samsung executives. Apple officials have not responded to this matter, and the leading foldable iPhone will not appear before 2020. The specific time of its appearance is still unknown

however, this does not mean that Apple has not explored the folding field. In fact, according to BGR, as early as 2013, apple made the value displayed by its own impact experimental model computer in a patent: the average value of the experimental group this time adopts the Patent Description of the LCD display measurement system

the name of the patent is "consumer electronic products include at least a transparent shell and a flexible display component enclosed in the transparent shell". According to the patent, a flexible display is installed in the transparent shell, which can be rolled up, and the flexible display is AMOLED display. Apple's patent description may not be so accurate in folding. It should be in the field of changeable screen shape, or it has its own research, but because the technology at that time could not keep up, no corresponding product was born

at present, relevant information about Apple's foldability comes from domestic and foreign media and relevant official interviews, which does not rule out the possibility that the news is a smoke bomb or even a rumor

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