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Samsung unveiled 146 inch modular micro LED TV in CES 2018

today, Samsung Electronics announced that the company will launch 146 inch modular micro LED TV "the wall" in 2018 International Consumer Electronics (CES) held in Las Vegas, USA

it is understood that the wall adopts microled technology, which is similar to OLED. Each micro LED can emit light by itself. This means that this screen does not need backlight and can retain darker black and rich colors. At the same time, the brightness of the wall can reach 2000 nits, which is higher than any LED LCD screen. The wall's screen size is 146 inches, but Samsung has not yet announced the resolution of the TV

Samsung Electronics said that through the world's first 146 inch micro led modular TV, the wall's high-precision, especially the chemical property dense analytical arrangement and modular technology, it can meet the needs of different spaces with variable shape combinations, so that the living room space has a brand-new display form, hoping to improve the viewing experience of consumers by improving the TV image quality and extending the lifestyle experience. In addition, this TV called "the wall" can be connected with other devices. 2 Green and environmental protection together constitute a larger screen. Users can add screens to "the wall" at will. It not only saves raw materials and energy, but also has no upper limit on the number of screens added

at present, the wall is still in the conceptual stage, but Samsung has a clear business plan. This spring, Samsung will disclose more relevant information. No matter what form the wall appears in, the final price must be very expensive. After all, this is a high-end home theater device

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