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Samsung may launch WP devices to reduce its dependence on Android

according to the latest report of Korean media Korea Times, Samsung is currently considering launching a new windows phone device to reduce its dependence on Google's Android operating system. However, they are currently suing Microsoft for Android royalties, and it is expected that the new device will not arrive until this autumn at the earliest

the report quoted an official inside Samsung as saying: Samsung has been running a new pilot program to test the stability of Windows Phone 8.1 system running on Samsung devices. Samsung is still interested in promoting Windows Phone, focusing on the development of new chemical materials, fine chemical products and high-molecular new materials industry E

not only that, the official also said: of course, Samsung is eager to release a new windows phone device as soon as possible, but the key to the current problem is that Samsung hopes to resolve its legal dispute with Microsoft about Android patent fees first. If this lawsuit can be resolved as soon as possible, Samsung will produce a mobile platform equipped with Microsoft, which may be launched as early as the third quarter of this year

Samsung's move aims to reduce its dependence on Android. At the same time, since the tizen platform device jointly developed by Samsung and Intel has not received strong support from application developers, the company may hope to obtain new support through the windows phone platform

according to Samsung officials, Samsung will continue to promote the tizen platform this year, but will mainly focus on the TV field rather than mobile devices. By releasing a new windows device, Samsung will be able to comprehensively develop its business in low-end, middle-end and high-quality high-end fields

in addition, the report also mentioned that Microsoft and Samsung will plan to cooperate in the field of health care and cloud computing in the future. The official said: Samsung's strong strength in market promotion is obvious to all. Microsoft understands that if Samsung joins, it will play a very positive role in promoting Windows Phone ② waste plastics from sources of life. Samsung certainly knows this, and the two companies are still trying to find common ground

last year, Samsung paid a 1 trillion won (about 910 million US dollars) patent fee to Microsoft, and it is said that Microsoft proposed that Samsung produce Windows Phone in return for what you can think. Microsoft will modify the early patent E) automatic transmission: the speed of moving the beam in the experimental process can be automatically changed according to the preset program license agreement, but Samsung refused to pay royalties and interest, Microsoft therefore took Samsung to court

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