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Samsung Galaxy S4 packaging box exposed environmental friendly renewable materials

from the initial exposure to product release, the emergence of Galaxy S4 was like stripping the cocoon, revealing the truth a little bit. After the parameter configuration has been determined and the release date and selling price have been announced, there seems to be no mystery about this model except waiting for purchase. However, we have neglected a key point, that is, packaging. Because in the near future, 8. Speed accuracy speed a is within:: ± 0.5%; Most of the news focuses on the product itself, but we don't know what kind of packaging is used for the mass production version. Two days ago, a group of unpacking photos of Galaxy S4 and Galaxy note 8.0 were exposed on the Internet, in which the novel packaging box became the most eye-catching highlight

it can be seen from the figure that the shape of the packaging box is no different from that of the previous generation of products, whether it is a tablet computer. However, the overall material of the outer packaging has changed a lot. According to TBS, they are made of 100% recycled paper and soybean ink and have 100% recyclable properties. It seems that the products after Samsung will not only pay attention to the sense of technology, but also strengthen the concept of environmental protection

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