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Samsung officially challenged Huawei to become a mainstream telecom equipment supplier. The head of telecom equipment of Samsung Electronics said that if it wants to become a mainstream 5g telecom equipment supplier, naturally its biggest competitor is Huawei, and Huawei has always said that it will challenge Samsung in business in the future. Is this the backyard of each other

Huawei relies on equipment business to develop its business

Huawei has been doing telecom equipment business for nearly 30 years. Thanks to its efforts, it has now become the world's leading telecom equipment supplier, beating Ericsson, the former leader in this field in terms of revenue and profit, but this business is gradually approaching the ceiling. When the telecom equipment business gradually reached its peak, Huawei began to develop enterprise business, business and other businesses, hoping that these new businesses will become a new engine to drive Huawei's revenue growth

in terms of new business, Huawei's best business at present is business. The revenue from this business in Suzhou, China has become Huawei's second largest source of business revenue. Its published data shows that the revenue of BG, the consumer in charge of business, reached 283billion yuan in 2017, with a year-on-year increase of 57%; In the same period, the operator BG's revenue was 288.8 billion, a slight decline year-on-year. The revenue brought by the business is close to the telecom equipment business, and the business revenue may exceed the telecom equipment business this year

the success of the business cannot be separated from the support of telecommunication equipment. In the early development of the business, it relied on the good partnership established with operators for many years to help its business start rapidly; In the fierce price war stage, the support provided by the telecom equipment business gives it the confidence to carry out the price war; After the rise of oppo and vivo, it quickly launched the thousand county plan to follow up the construction of offline channels relying on the huge revenue of its overall business

Samsung relies on various businesses to support the development of telecommunications equipment business

what Samsung is familiar to Chinese people is that it is the world's leading intelligent business. In addition, it also takes the lead in the industries such as TV sets, memory chips, small and medium-sized OLEDs. In addition, it also has the world's leading chip manufacturing, chip design, panel and other industries. These industries support each other to form a huge Samsung Electronics Group

Samsung has long been interested in developing the telecommunications equipment business. In the 4G era, it tried to launch the construction of the industrial standard system of new materials for telecommunications equipment. It will further implement the requirements of the State Council on printing and Issuing the reform plan for deepening standardization. However, the final results are few, and it has not made a breakthrough in the industry. Now the 5g era is coming. Samsung has early layout and actively cooperates with operators around the world to test its equipment, Try to open up the situation in the telecommunications equipment industry

it is estimated that one of the important factors for Samsung to actively develop the telecom equipment business is to meet the challenge of Huawei. Relying on the support of telecom equipment, Huawei has become the third largest brand in the world, and its shipment in 2017 was nearly half of that of Samsung, while in 2012, its shipment was less than one tenth of that of Samsung! Samsung's entry into the field of telecommunications equipment can have the effect of igniting in Huawei's backyard and prevent Huawei's continuous expansion

Samsung challenges Huawei in the field of telecommunications equipment

from the perspective of Samsung's success in developing new business relying on the support of the group's strong strength, its entry into the field of telecommunications equipment will bring great pressure to Huawei. In terms of patents, Samsung holds 4G patents in the leading camp with Qualcomm and Huawei. At present, 5g patents are highly dispersed, and its 5g patents are likely to be no different from Huawei; In terms of 5g chip research and development, it is also at the same level as Qualcomm and Huawei

in terms of market, at present, Huawei is difficult to enter the U.S. market due to various factors. Samsung has tested 5g equipment with many operators in the United States, and Samsung is also providing 5g equipment for British operators in the European market. At present, it is planning to cooperate with local operators in South Korea to provide 5g equipment for them. It can be said that Samsung seems to have opened a situation in the field of 5g equipment. Samsung is likely to launch an offensive war with Huawei in the Indian market. The market competition is particularly fierce, and the price factor has a great impact. It has reached the extreme with the emergence of the so-called "nano layer" structure with 33 or more layers. Samsung intends to compete with Huawei in the field of Telecommunications equipment. The war in the Indian market will reflect how much both sides are willing to pay for market share

of course, it is not easy for Samsung to develop the telecom equipment business. This industry requires a large number of skilled technical engineers and good services. In addition to being more aggressive in price war, Huawei is also related to its willingness to provide considerate services to operators, which is exactly the problem that Samsung, a new entrant, needs to face

for Huawei, Samsung's entry into the field of telecom equipment still has a great impact. Currently, there are only four major telecom equipment manufacturers in the world, namely Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia and ZTE. In recent years, the three enterprises are unable to challenge Huawei, resulting in less fierce competition in this industry than in the past, which also makes Huawei, as a leading telecom equipment manufacturer, enjoy rich profits, Now Samsung's intention to make a difference in this industry will inevitably reduce the overall profit level

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