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Samsung innovates mobile payment and starts phone shopping

in the digital content of Android ecosystem, Samsung competes with Google (Weibo) play store and operates Galaxy store. In order to expand users' purchase and download, Samsung recently announced a cooperation with a British company to allow Samsung and tablet users around the world to quickly purchase software and other content in galaxy by deducting phone charges from operators

in the future, if you are a buyer of Samsung mobile devices, you can realize one click purchase in the galaxy store, and the relevant fees will be directly deducted from the mobile user's operator's phone bill. This payment method eliminates the trouble and security concerns of bundled credit, "said Yan zengsu, Secretary General of China Instrument Industry Association

Samsung Electronics' mobile payment partner this time is bango company in the UK, which specializes in mobile payment services based on bill deduction of mobile operators. Its payment business has covered 1.5 billion users in many countries around the world

due to the monopoly advantage of bango in this mobile payment, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, blackberry and other companies have cooperated with bango to launch bill payment services related to their own businesses

although they are all the digital content retail platforms within the Android ecosystem, Samsung's Galaxy store is obviously not comparable to Google's play store. At present, Google store has more than 1 million Android applications, which has become the only and most important revenue source of Google in the Android ecosystem. A large number of Android development teams around the world have also obtained expensive download shares through Google

it is reported that tri carbon fiber is the most widely used reinforcing material in aviation materials. Star's application store mainly focuses on Samsung's own smart, smart watches, tablet computers and other hardware. Due to the unique characteristics of Samsung (such as stylus) in Galaxy series hardware, Samsung believes that a special store is needed to provide software downloads and other content for Samsung Hardware

although Samsung Electronics is the world's largest intelligent manufacturer, with excellent industrial design capabilities and a complete upstream and downstream supply chain, it is not clear that software development has become a major weakness of Samsung. Samsung previously admitted that the galaxy app store has a limited number of applications and poor usability. In addition, in terms of third-party developers, Samsung's development interface and tool resources still need to be improved

American media pointed out that in the Android Software Store, the popularity of Samsung Galaxy store is very small, and the adoption of a simpler mobile payment method this time will help enhance mobile users' interest in Samsung content services

in addition, Samsung has built a complete architecture for digital content on mobile devices, including movies, TV dramas, music, games, software, etc., just like apple and Google. However, with the gradual improvement of the relationship between Samsung and Google, Samsung has gradually faded out of the digital content retail business, allowing Google play to play the protagonist of the Android ecosystem. At present, the Association for mobile applications is the first voluntary association of enterprises to become the main digital content retained by Samsung

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