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As we all know, the newly decorated house has a pungent smell for a long time, which is the smell of formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other chemicals emitted from the decoration materials, which is often referred to as decoration pollution. In June, 2004, the World Health Organization announced that formaldehyde was officially listed as a carcinogen. It is summer, and decoration pollution has also entered a period of high volatility. How to prevent and control formaldehyde has also become the focus of social attention

on April 13, the China Interior Decoration Association held a press conference in Beijing, focusing on recommending a new product to eliminate interior decoration pollution - "yadu decoration guard series purifier", hoping to reduce indoor air pollution and improve indoor air quality through the popularization of this National Tenth Five Year Plan key scientific and technological achievements. This is also the first time that China Decoration Association has recommended indoor air pollution control products to consumers in the name of industry associations

according to the detection of Beijing Center for Disease Control and prevention, placing the purifier in a 30 cubic meter laboratory and turning it on for 24 hours can reduce the formaldehyde concentration in the air by more than 97%; Ammonia concentration decreased by more than 95%; Benzene concentration decreased by more than 94%. In December, 2004, the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of construction appraised the scientific and technological achievements of the purifier, and evaluated that the core technology of the product, "molecular complexation locking technology", is an original technology. It has complete independent intellectual property rights and patented inventions, reaching the leading level in China, and its main performance has reached the international advanced level

in addition, Beijing yadu company also provided the market with Hercules series air purifiers, which can remove harmful pollutants such as soot, pollen and bacteria in the indoor air, create a healthy respiratory environment and effectively prevent air-conditioning diseases




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