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Lighting and sound is one of the means of stage art modeling. With the development of the plot, stage lighting and sound equipment (such as lighting fixtures, slides, control systems, etc.) and technical means are used to display the environment with light color and its changes, render the atmosphere, highlight the central figure, create a sense of stage space and time, shape the external image of stage performance, and provide necessary lighting effects (such as wind, rain, cloud, water, lightning), etc. So do you know the knowledge of lighting and sound

lighting and sound, as the name suggests, are products with gorgeous lighting effects and sound effects on the stage. They are indispensable products in some large-scale activities. How much do you know about lighting and sound? Today, I'm going to introduce the structure and function of lighting and sound knowledge, as well as the common knowledge of stage lighting and sound. Let's go and have a look with Xiaobian

knowledge of light and sound structure

audio systems are usually configured with the mixer as the center. All sound source signals are first sent to the mixer for mixing, and then the required signals are extracted from its bus system. The sound source signals fed into the mixer generally have two situations: one is the high-level signals sent by electroacoustic instruments, effect processors, recorders or other line output interfaces, It is usually sent to the mixer through the linein input interface of the mixer. The other is the low-level signal output by the dynamic microphone, capacitor or electret microphone. They can generally be sent to the mixer from the micin input interface on the mixer

the function of light and sound

light is an important part of the composition of the performance space. It is an artistic creation that carries out an all-round visual environment lighting design for the characters and the specific scenes required according to the development of the plot, and purposefully reproduces the design intention to the audience in the form of visual image

the artistic effect of sound is displayed with the progress of performance and the continuous change of atmosphere. The balance and nature of sound quality is our goal. The high pitch of the cork horn, the true and pure audio display, is transparent and clear, not harsh. Sound processing can be more meticulous and accurate

common knowledge of stage lighting and sound

1 The equipment shell is electrified. Check the sequence

the equipment shell is electrified — Whether the power supply line is damaged — Whether the line phase is correct -- whether the equipment grounding is correct — Whether the voltage used is correct

2 Sound system volume is insufficient

equipment volume is insufficient — Whether the line level setting of power amplifier and speaker is correct — Whether the speaker cable is firmly connected — Whether the phase of power amplifier and speaker is consistent — Whether the attenuation amplitude of equalizer is appropriate — Whether the starting control level of the voltage limiter is just

3 Resonance and feedback occur in the sound field

resonance and acoustic feedback occur — Check whether the room frequency response has peaks — Whether the room structure and decoration are reasonable — Whether the frequency division point and bass gain are reasonable — Whether the room reverberation time is too long

4 Produce interference noise

the sound system has noise — Dimming interference — Whether the audio and light power supplies are separated — Whether the light power supply and control line are too close to the audio signal line — Whether the silicon box is too close to the audio equipment, and the speaker system has noise — Whether the signal transmission is reasonable — Whether the shielding of all signal wires is appropriate — Whether the signal is grounded correctly — The power phase of all audio devices is consistent

5 Light out of control

light out of control — Whether the program of the controller is correct — Whether the address code of the lamp is correct — Whether the connection method of the control line is correct — Whether the shielding of the control line is poor or disturbed — Whether the limit adjustment of lamps is appropriate — Whether the light supply switch is in good contact

6 The bulb of computer lamp is often damaged (750 hours)

the bulb is easy to break — Whether the installation is firm and whether it is contaminated with dust and moisture — Whether the heat dissipation of the bulb is good — Whether the voltage is normal — Whether the power switch is frequent

7 Abnormal video image

abnormal video image — Whether the program format is correct — Whether the equipment shell is charged — Whether the signal shield is subject to high-level interference — Whether the projection tube is normal — Whether the performance of liquid crystal projection bulbs is poor

8. The sound of wireless microphone is unstable

the sound is unstable — Whether there is high-frequency interference source in the system — Whether the antenna connection is correct — Whether the receiver trim is correct — Whether the number of microphones is excessive — The microphone battery is low

Xiaobian conclusion: This is the introduction of the knowledge about lighting and sound. I hope it will be helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below. We will answer it for you as soon as possible and will provide you with more complete, more detailed and updated information

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