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Brand consumption has become the "mainstream", and the craftsman of fine materials has made customization a "closer" step

in the wave of consumption upgrading, brand consumption has become the "mainstream", and the change in demand on the consumer side has also triggered changes on the supply side, and many leading enterprises in the industry have embarked on the road of brand development

as one of China's top ten plate brands, the fine craftsman brand is a representative one. In the aura of the fine craftsman brand, it has established a wooden product system covering all aspects of home life, including wardrobe, wood-based panel, floor, sliding door and other products, and built its own value system step by step to create an overall home solution from design, production, installation, decoration to service

when the basic functional value of an item becomes a matter of course, the spiritual value behind the item is increasingly valued, and it has become another expression of the holder's identity symbol or life attitude. It is precisely this consumption phenomenon that the craftsman of fine materials has identified, and put forward the brand positioning language of "high-end home decoration, using the craftsman of fine materials", integrating the attitude of "quality, practicality, fashion and beauty" into every link of product design and production, so as to make the products become the expression of quality and fashionable life, and achieve the dual satisfaction of material and spiritual levels. This can be seen in the whole house easy-to-wear products launched by fine craftsman

exquisite craftsman's whole house easy to install cabinet series, although not too much decoration, shows a good fashion temperament. It is understood that at present, the refined wood craftsman's easy-to-wear cabinet series has the most cutting-edge light luxury style, Nordic minimalist style, white simple European style, modern simple style, and fashionable Chinese style style. Hundreds of cabinet types in five series are available for consumers to choose, which are deeply loved by young consumers, and have won a large number of young fans for the refined wood craftsman's whole house easy-to-wear

in terms of the decoration duration, the ideal effect can be achieved without running around and spending money and labor. The whole house easy decoration of fine craftsman has the advantages of material environmental protection, design, processing and installation, and is favored by the majority of tooling and home decoration consumers

in terms of healthy material selection, all the plates that can be easily installed in the whole house of fine craftsman are fine craftsman E0 environmental protection plates, and the core materials are solid wood, which ensures the good quality of decoration and protects the health and safety of family members

in the tide of consumption upgrading, the younger generation of consumers have higher requirements for brands, products and services. Craftsman of fine materials integrates the brand concept into the operation and management of different categories, endows each product with content, constantly improves its design and production level, and provides users with high-quality home life solutions. For such a brand that knows what you need, I believe more and more consumers will fall in love with it

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