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PTA futures in Zhengzhou retreated sharply on the 11th, with the main 1201 contract closing at 8852 yuan/ton, down 186 yuan. The weak non farm employment data in the United States dragged down the decline in crude oil, while cotton fell sharply. Coupled with the domestic CPI growth of 6.4% in June, which hit a three-year high, inflation pressure soared, which hindered the PTA rebound. The atmosphere of the spot market is light, and the market is mostly on the sidelines. Power rationing measures will affect the work rate of 82 asphalt composite tire flexible waterproof coiled material in chemical fiber and textile enterprises, and the supply and demand tend to be loose, suppressing the upward space of PTA. Both crude oil and American cotton fell overnight, and PTA is expected to weaken further in the near future

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed lower on the 11th, as investors were worried about the sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone, and the US non farm employment data put pressure on the crude oil futures market. In addition, the strength of the US dollar has also put pressure on the crude oil futures market. NYMEX August light crude oil futures fell $1.05 to close at $95.15 a barrel, down 1.1%, the lowest closing price since July 1. Ice Brent crude oil futures contract fell $1.55, or 1.3%, to $116.78 a barrel

Intercontinental Exchange (ice) futures cotton closed near a 9-month low on the 11th. Brokers said investors closed their positions because of concerns about the impact of the rising dollar and the euro zone debt crisis on economic growth and cotton demand. Asia PX rose $24 to USD/ton FOB South Korea, Europe was stable in USD/ton FOB Rotterdam, and the United States was stable in USD/ton FOB US Gulf

in terms of spot goods, the PTA spot market atmosphere is cold and mostly wait-and-see, the buyer's purchase enthusiasm is not high, the spot individual offer is about 9050 yuan/ton, the transaction reference deadlock is at the 9000 yuan/ton level, the holder's intention to ship at a low price is not strong, and the firm offer is rarely heard. The performance of the outer disc market is on the sidelines, and the cargo holders are reluctant to sell at low prices. Taiwan made ships offer us dollars/ton, and the buyer's bid price is low at around us $1160/ton

in the downstream market, Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester yarn continued to be stable as a whole, and individual tight specifications of some factories rose by 100 yuan. The market mentality was unstable, and individual factories' high quotations were still reduced by 100 yuan. It doesn't take 3-5 months to complete. We can take No. 45 steel to be quenched and tempered to the range of hb241-285. The textile and polyester short-term market continues the downward trend of last week. At the weekend, the factory quotation is more stable, the transaction atmosphere is weak, and the factory transaction continues to be negotiated on a preferential basis. In the morning, the staple fiber quotation of polyester factory was mostly reduced by yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of semi gloss 1.4d was 12500 yuan/ton. The market was weak, and the market prices were slightly different, and the market transaction prices were quite different

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