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Perkins' appearance at the international power show attracted attention for excellent quality

Perkins' appearance at the international power show attracted attention for excellent quality

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on May 24, 2016, the 15th China (Shanghai) International power equipment and generator set exhibition was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition comprehensively focuses on the latest trends in the development of power equipment technology in the world today, and leads the latest development trend of the power market. Perkins, the world's leading power brand, adhering to its reliable and excellent product technology advantages, dressed up to attend the international power exhibition

as we all know, Perkins Engine Co., Ltd., founded in 1932, is one of the world's leading engine manufacturers and a leader in the 4-2000kw off highway diesel and natural gas engine market. Perkins has always been good at customizing engines for customers to fully meet their specific needs, so it is trusted by equipment manufacturers. In view of this, the company currently supplies engines to more than 1000 major equipment manufacturers around the world. These engines are used in more than 5000 different occasions, covering six major markets, including agricultural machinery, construction/engineering machinery, power generation equipment, industrial equipment, material handling equipment and ship equipment

Perkins aims to create global power boutiques to satisfy customers and make them feel at ease. According to the observation of HC construction machinery, Perkins attracted many industry customers from all over the world to stop to consult and negotiate cooperation matters with its exquisite appearance, compact structure exhibits and atmospheric and eye-catching special booth at this exhibition. Perkins presented its engine products to customers. The on-site staff carefully explained the performance characteristics and related knowledge of the products to professional audiences at home and abroad, and its cost-effective products won customers' affirmation. During the exhibition, HC construction machinery had the honor to conduct a special interview with Mr. Simon gray, Perkins' product marketing manager. He shared the development of Perkins and the situation of this exhibition with our customers and friends

referring to this exhibition, manager gesaimin said that this power exhibition is a very important exhibition worldwide, especially in the power generation industry. There are professional power products from many industries on display at the exhibition. Therefore, they can communicate and cooperate closely with customers, agents/dealers and partners every year, listen to the voice of customers, and better adapt to the needs of the market. At the same time, manager gesaimin also pointed out that this is an important platform to display and promote the company's new products

product equipment with excellent performance

it is reported that Perkins has brought three new products to the power exhibition, namely the 404a-22sg1tm model of 400 series and the tag of 4000 series? Model and diesel engine oil. The 404a-22sg1tm model is relatively small. It uses liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) mixed with propane and butane as fuel. It is especially designed for the power generation equipment market. This engine is more green and environment-friendly. When it is used for power generation, the power can reach 20KVA. Customers who choose this model can obtain many benefits, including greatly improved fuel safety, excellent fuel consumption performance, and 1000 hour standard maintenance interval

the second new product is a member of 4000 series with perfect combination of power and performance. Manager Ge Saimin focused on the new tag? Engine, it is a 30 liter displacement, air to air supercharged eight cylinder diesel engine. Its electropak is configured at 50Hz, and its rated power can match each main power point between 900 and 1250kva, whether it is used as common or standby power generation. So, tag? The engine is not only safe and reliable, but also has excellent performance. Its output power can reach 12. The ultraviolet absorber in hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) can directly absorb 50KVA of harmful radiation like sunscreen 1. This is a cost-effective power solution. This smaller and lighter engine can not only help customers save installation and transportation costs, but also significantly reduce fuel consumption by 8%. Brand new tag? The engine can operate smoothly in the environment up to 3000 meters without reducing the rated power. He added that this engine is particularly suitable for providing emergency power for medical facilities, data centers and airports. At present, this type of engine has been put into production, and it is also a reliable engine model

the third new product is Perkins' new diesel engine oil (deo). It adopts a unique formula and is the only oil that can fully match the working conditions of Perkins engine. This oil can effectively extend the operating life of the engine, improve the performance of Perkins engine, and bring more benefits to customers

design of environmental protection and low energy consumption

at present, the three-stage emission standard of China's non road countries has been officially implemented, and the emission requirements have been significantly improved. Facing the requirements of the Chinese market, manager Ge Saimin said that Perkins had begun to produce products that meet the requirements of China by graduate students two or three years ago. Therefore, Perkins' products are little affected by the national third standard, but Perkins will still invest and produce according to the national third standard. Perkins' 1100 series products produced in Wuxi factory are all in accordance with the third national standard. In order to cope with higher emission standards, great improvements have been made in the design and efficiency of machinery

during the conversation, manager gesaimin especially talked about the green environmental protection advocated by the society now. For this, Perkins gave a complete set of solutions. For example, 403a-11 in the 400 series? The model is usually used to support the power supply of the signal tower for electronic communication, but as the signal tower has switched to photovoltaic panels and wind powered batteries, it can support the power supply to the battery when there is no wind or sunlight. This is the ideal power system that manufacturers dream of. Since its launch on the market, the 400 series has been loved by the majority of users. The series includes a large number of compact and highly reliable engine models, especially suitable for driving small generator sets

the world's best service

indeed, service is a topic that any enterprise attaches great importance to. Perkins' product support teams stationed around the world ensure that the P growth rate of each sold erkins engine will drop by 2.5 percentage points, and erkins engines can operate normally at all times, no matter where they are located in the world. This is a global service network composed of more than 100 Perkins agents, covering more than 180 countries and regions, providing product support through 3500 service points, all of which adhere to the most stringent standards to ensure that customers in every corner of the world can get the best quality service. Manager gesaimin said, "the diesel engine oil developed in this exhibition is to provide the most comprehensive protection for the engine and ensure that the engine always gives play to its unparalleled excellent performance, which has been confirmed by the results of more rigorous working conditions." From this point of view, PE National Science and technology major project and national 973 Plan have also deployed a number of major projects. The engine lineup researched and produced by rkins is strong, with a wide range of power coverage. It is also equipped with switchable frequency configurations and models with different emission standards, which can meet the needs of countries in different regions. In addition, when purchasing Perkins engines, you can choose different warranty plans. Perkins' agent network allows customers to easily obtain consulting services, maintenance services and the supply of original pure parts at any time

in the dialogue, manager gesaimin emphasized that Perkins' consistent purpose is to strive to improve the performance of products and ensure that Perkins' products anywhere operate with the best performance. In the long run, Perkins will not research and develop new products too much, but constantly improve and optimize the existing models in order to ensure continuous profitability

speaking of China's manufacturing industry, manager Ge Saimin believes that although China's manufacturing industry is now relatively depressed, Perkins is still optimistic about the Chinese market, which is a market full of opportunities. Perkins has built its own factory in China. When designing and developing products, engineers adhere to innovation and continuous progress to develop products that meet the requirements of China. Facing the future, manager Ge Saimin said that Perkins will be more confident and ready to better improve the quality of products, create greater value for our customers, actively meet opportunities and challenges, and fight for our dreams

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