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Perfume carton has become a new favorite of DKNY

Estee Lauder's DKNY be delicious perfume (including men's fragrance and women's fragrance) took the lead in adopting a new carton design, which aims to convey a natural look and feel, thereby highlighting the brand's "apple" theme. Estee Lauder in New York wanted to develop an outer packaging for its apple shaped Eau De Parfum perfume spray bottle. Finally, they chose Curtis packaging, a folding carton manufacturer. According to the company, they spent "several months" evaluating carton materials in order to find an ideal material at the edge of a new series based on graphene polymer nanocomposites, which is both durable and consistent in color matching. Finally, they chose kraftpak to penetrate into the tooth path of heat-insulating aluminum profile with open teeth through threading equipment. This is a new 1015 special material developed by MeadWestvaco. John Giusto, deputy director of Curtis' production department, said, "this unique material has the appearance of natural kraft paper, which is exactly what we want. We successfully found a factory, which can keep the brown of the material unchanged for a long time, because their material is natural fiber. It is particularly important to maintain a unified cardboard color, because the bottom color of the carton requires coloring and polishing, so as to achieve the ideal visual effect."

at the same time, in order to match the brand's marketing concept, DKNY also requires Curtis to label each carton with a production style label, which reads "DKNY be delicious 100% pure New York". For Curtis, the biggest challenge is to find a suitable way to quickly and accurately paste those small labels on the box, while not exceeding DKNY's budget menu prompt. Finally, they decided not to use labels, but directly use a kbarapida printer to print the pattern on the box, and then UV harden and polish it

source: packaging Expo

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