The hottest period of knowledge blindness from MBA

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From the perspective of MBA, the arrival of knowledge economy has established the dominant position of knowledge in the economy. Therefore, studying for MBA has become the only pursuit of many students' life transition, and enterprises will also recruit MBA as the qualitative standard for selecting senior talents. However, in practical work, MBA is difficult to create the desired value for enterprises, and it is not even as direct as the benefits of empirical management. Society is generally realistic. When enterprises fail to see the merits of MBA, they begin to weaken their confidence in MBA, and it is easy to draw conclusions such as "knowledge is useless". Including many MBAs, they cannot objectively explain the limitations of MBA. They can only compare MBA to a tool for mountaineering. On the one hand, we cannot deny the value of knowledge in the economy; On the other hand, they have doubts about MBA, thus forming a blind period of knowledge

after the reform and opening up, China's enterprise management was introduced into the market mechanism, but because the cultural quality of entrepreneurs is generally low, most enterprises can only rely on experience to implement management. With the increasing market competition, facing the international economic situation, low profits and high costs force empirical management to transition to professional management. Chasing the boom is the inertia of society. MBA, with its systematic, rigorous theoretical system and prominent international reputation, naturally becomes the only sustenance for enterprises to get rid of the pressure of competition. However, many enterprise leaders should be able to recover and cannot deeply understand the management characteristics of MBA. In addition, the awareness of empirical management is particularly strong. When taking MBA as the sustenance of hope, it is difficult to provide MBA with a platform to fully demonstrate its ability, The talent concept of "people-oriented" is mostly just a slogan, which restricts the effectiveness of MBA. Secondly, MBA mainly uses western management theories as teaching materials. Westerners think directly. Their management theories pay attention to principles and standards, and the economic systems of western developed countries are relatively sound. For this reason, although the western management theory is progressiveness, there is still a certain gap with the humanistic characteristics of China. Because the vast majority of MBAs lack in-depth practical process, they only stay in the MBA stage of books. In addition, many college professors are only teaching according to the book, and they cannot cultivate the MBA's ability to understand the essence of management theory. At present, bick is the first domestic production enterprise that can use high nickel 811 materials to achieve mass production of batteries. MBA generally lacks business thinking, which makes management become rigid and dogmatic

in the face of global economic integration, regional cultural differences will gradually narrow, science and technology information technology will be widely used, and the process of professional management will inevitably accelerate. In order to adapt to the law of market economy, enterprises in empirical management must recognize the narrowness of piecemeal management, rationally look at the contradictory relationship between empirical management and knowledge management, respect science, dare to innovate, establish the business philosophy of pursuing systematic and standardized management, provide MBA with some knowledge transformation process of combining theory with practice, and actively create a professional management environment. At the same time, MBA should desalinate the advantage of knowledge dominance, pay attention to the cultivation of systematic knowledge structure, follow the management principles of hierarchy, phasing and effectiveness, actively go deep into enterprise practice, respect objectivity, rigorous verification, deepen the understanding of theory through practice, pay attention to the dialectical application of knowledge according to the objective environment, promote the transformation of knowledge energy, guide in order, and drive enterprises to gradually move towards specialization Although we don't have the universal experimental ability of Jie Electronics, we can almost completely complete the closed-loop control path of experimental force, deformation, displacement and other parameters

we can't deny the value of knowledge, we can't deny the role of MBA. In order to revitalize the socialist national economy, guided by systematic and dialectical management theory, let's take respecting knowledge as our belief, and work together to eradicate illiteracy


blind period: on the one hand, we can't deny the value of knowledge, but when the enterprise can't see the efficiency of knowledge talents, and knowledge talents themselves are difficult to realize the transformation of knowledge, which leads to confusion and confusion about the value of knowledge

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