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The development of paper products in China has entered a period of increasing variety of products. There are many products in the paper products packaging industry, mainly including corrugated paper, honeycomb paper and concave convex paper. Derived from these three categories, the American premium rock wool spray insulation coating has excellent thermal insulation performance, class a non combustible fire protection performance, excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance, advanced spray construction technology and green, healthy and environmental protection products. The paper packaging also includes cartons, paper boxes, paper bags, paper cups, pulp molding, etc. Among them, cartons, cartons and paper cups are products with large sales scale in the industrial product market. In recent years, the production and marketing scale of China's paper products packaging industry has been expanding, with a significant increase

industry concentration needs to be improved. There are more than 4000 large-scale production enterprises in China's paper products packaging industry, the vast majority of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. Although after nearly 30 years of development, a number of large-scale and technologically advanced production enterprises have emerged in the industry, on the whole, the concentration of the paper product packaging industry is still very low, belonging to the atomic market structure, and the industry competition is very fierce. At the same time, under the huge total demand and rapid growth trend of China's paper product packaging market, the world's major paper product packaging manufacturers have entered the Chinese market, and the industry market competition is becoming increasingly fierce

the scope of application is more extensive. All kinds of paper product packaging are used in all aspects of people's life and production. With the in-depth application of paper product packaging in the field of consumption, consumer behavior also puts forward new requirements for the paper product industry, which takes the downstream industry that breaks the bottleneck of raw materials as the sales object and originally did not pay attention to product marketing. The performance design and decoration design of paper products packaging products have become the key development direction of industry products. Various new equipment, new processes and new technologies have been developed to design paper packaging with strong folding and pressure resistance, good printing effect and many varieties of packaging colors to meet the needs of consumers

environmental protection should not be ignored. China's paper product packaging enterprises are in the stage of large-scale development, and the scale of enterprises has also promoted the further upgrading of the industry. However, it can not be ignored that the environmental protection of the paper industry has become an important aspect of the construction of national ecological civilization, so the cost of pollution discharge and consumption reduction of paper product packaging enterprises will inevitably increase. On the other hand, international paper products packaging enterprises continue to increase investment in China and adopt strategies such as alliances and mergers, which puts pressure on domestic paper products packaging enterprises to further develop

in general, the development opportunities and challenges of the paper product packaging industry coexist. Domestic paper product packaging enterprises especially need to pay attention to the establishment of brand advantages and the renewal of technical equipment in order to obtain the ability and advantage to participate in international competition

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