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The PTA rise in the peripheral markets will be suppressed again.

Zhengzhou PTA futures narrowed its rise on the 18th, with the main 1201 contract closing at 9942 yuan/ton, up 74 yuan. PTA's willingness to continue to catch up was not strong yesterday, and the 10000 yuan mark was tested in the intraday. PX device failure, shutdown and maintenance led to increased expectations of PX supply tightening in the third and fourth quarters, but the Central Bank of China may be ready to raise interest rates and the recent decline in downstream demand limited the rise in futures prices. Although PTA fundamentals are still too much at present, crude oil plummeted overnight, U.S. stocks fell sharply, and U.S. cotton fell. It is expected that the recent PTA rise will be restrained

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed sharply lower on the 18th, the highest decline in a week, due to the weak performance of U.S. economic data in the past 20 years. At the same time, Morgan Stanley (MS) and Deutsche Bank (dbk) both lowered their expectations for the growth rate of the global economy, thus pushing the overall weakness of the commodity futures market. NYMEX light crude oil futures for September delivery fell $5.20, or 5.9%, to $82.38 a barrel. Ice Brent also continued to provide customers with perfect pre-sales and after-sales services through its own and authorized channels. Crude oil futures closed down $3.55 to $107.05 a barrel

PX in Asia rose $84 to $per ton FOB South Korea, Europe rose $84 to $per ton FOB Rotterdam, and the United States rose $20 to $per ton FOB United States Gulf. Intercontinental Exchange (ice) cotton futures closed lower on the 18th, and global macroeconomic concerns triggered investors to sell, but brokers said that the production problems in Pakistan and China caused the market to cut losses

in terms of spot goods, the East China PTA spot market offers yuan/ton, the intended receiving price is yuan/ton, and the negotiation estimate is yuan/ton. The negotiation atmosphere in the PTA Market in Asia has slightly weakened. Taiwan's cargo offers 1275-1280 US dollars/ton while being used in the fatigue test of composite coils. The buying intention is around 1270 US dollars/ton, and the negotiation is around 1275 US dollars/ton. South Korea's cargo offer is around 1260 US dollars/ton, and the negotiation is in US dollars/ton

in the downstream market, driven by the demand for rigid stocking of downstream weaving factories, the production and sales of polyester in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are better, most of which are% and some are higher, which are 300%. The quotation of direct spinning polyester in the short and early morning session generally rose by yuan, and the mainstream quotation of semi gloss was 1.4d to yuan/ton. The cash delivery was delivered. The market transaction atmosphere was acceptable, and the production and sales of most factories were flat or slightly higher. Due to the impact of the production reduction of downstream yarn factories in Fujian, there are few high price orders, and the follow-up of short fiber transaction prices is relatively small, and most factories mainly ship

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