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Perseverance has also brought the open source Linux helicopter platform to Mars

yesterday, NASA bentler Sigri has turned its eyes to farther afield (NASA) announced the smooth landing of perseverance on Mars, during which about 2million people watched the live streaming media broadcast on YouTube. After that, it will look for clues to ancient life near the Jezero crater. Interestingly, perseverance actually brought a small partner, a UAV that can be used in Mars' thin atmosphere (less than 1% of earth's environment)


considering that the tracks of the Mars rover could not cross all the terrain on Mars, the perseverance team thought of attaching a companion UAV (called Qiqiao/ingenuity) at the beginning of the design

it adopts the shape of a helicopter, with four supporting feet at the bottom. Considering that this is its first time to fly in a planet outside the earth, the flavor of the technical demonstration is also stronger

It is worth mentioning that Tim Canham, senior engineer of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JP biaxial impactor maintenance and technical data L), said in an interview with the Institute of electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) that this is also the first time we have used the Linux operating system on Mars

JPL developed a proprietary f software framework (called f prime) for the cube and instrument of the smart number, and opened it up a few years ago. Thanks to this feature, you can also use the same JPL software on earth

tim Canham added: This is a major victory for the open source community, because today we are going to learn about the software characteristics of this kind of equipment. Developing an open source operating system + open source flight software is like setting up the prototype framework (as well as commercial components) of this production line in the prototype stage. If one day you have a whim, you can also buy it immediately and try to do it yourself

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