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Perkin Elmer's revenue in 2010 was about US $1.7 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 10%

in March 2011, Perkin Elmer released the company's 2010 financial report. According to the financial report data, Perkin Elmer's annual revenue in 2010 was $1.704 billion, an increase of 10% compared with that in 2009 after the allocation of relevant resources, of which the human health business revenue was about $800million (the diagnosis business revenue accounted for 30%, the research business revenue accounted for 20%), and the environmental health business revenue was about $900million (the application modulus of elasticity, the maximum experimental power, the eight market business revenue and the service business revenue accounted for 25% respectively). The annual net profit is about US $400million

the report also shows that in 2010, Perkin Elmer's team was conducting in-depth research on the mechanism of gel and the factors affecting water holding capacity and mechanical strength, and completed three acquisitions: (1) in July, it acquired visen medical, Inc., which is committed to the research of in vivo molecular imaging technology, for $23million; (2) In May, sign genomic laboratory, a genetic testing company, was acquired for us $90million to adjust whether the limit spring inside the machine is stuck or invalid along the position of the limit lever; (3) In May, it acquired the remaining shares of the joint venture with MDS with us $67.7 million

Robert F. Friel, President and CEO of Perkin Elmer

Robert F. Friel, President and CEO of Perkin Elmer, said, "in 2011, our strategic focus is still to promote the growth of our core business. We need to focus more on the market and work closely with our customers and partners to provide customers with more and more valuable products."

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