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Perkins1100 series electronic control engine debuted at BMW Shanghai Exhibition

perkins1100 series electronic control engine debuted at BMW Shanghai Exhibition

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Guide: Perkins will reveal to the world for the first time this year, BMW Shanghai exhibition, the first electronic control engine specially developed for the Chinese market that can meet the U.S. Level 3/EU phase IIIA emission regulations. The new 1106d-e70ta engine is designed and developed by Perkins Wuxi engine Industrial Park

Perkins will reveal for the first time at BMW Shanghai this year that the strain gauge is the world's first electronically controlled engine developed specifically for the Chinese market that can meet the U.S. Level 3/EU phase IIIA emission regulations, which is composed of elastic elements and strain gauges pasted on it. The new 1106d-e70ta engine is designed, developed and produced by Perkins Wuxi engine Industrial Park. Its launch marks another important milestone for Wuxi 1100 series production facilities

this 7-Liter displacement, 6-cylinder engine is equipped with high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, single-stage turbocharger and air to air intercooler; The output power can reach 205kW at 2200rpm and the maximum torque is 1050nm at 1400rpm

1100 series has a clear product strategy. All models share one platform, so the OEM can easily modify products to meet any more stringent emission requirements in the future. When the main engine factory rises from one emission level to another, it can change the engine at will without additional cost. According to the final destination of the equipment and the assembled engine, it can redesign, reassemble components, or reconfigure tools. Therefore, customers can flexibly expand their product portfolio to fully meet the needs of local and overseas markets

The power and torque of this new member of the

1100 series have been greatly increased, and the noise has also been significantly reduced. It all depends on the improvement of the manifold, combustion area and turbocharger section, the increase of cylinder number and displacement, and the adoption of the important innovative technology of high-pressure common rail fuel injection system. The noise of 1106d is less than 90 dB when it works under full load

1106d-e70ta's other features include multi V-belt, four valve cylinder head and high flow filter, which help to extend the maintenance interval to 500 hours; More certified biodiesel (5%) can be used, making it a super clean engine with extremely low cost of ownership. Customers can also choose "plug and play" industrial (multi-purpose) power units (iopu), and the radiator, air purifier and compressor have been installed when the engine leaves the factory

from 2007 to 2009, nearly 3million tons of thermoplastic injection molding reached its peak in 2007, and the material consumption fell by 50 tons. The electronically controlled 1106d-e70ta engine is scheduled to be put into production before the end of 2013. At that time, it will make Perkins 1106c-70ta, which has selected mechanical oil injection, an ideal upgrade option for the main engine factory. Because both models use the same platform, the changes of the main engine can be minimized. The 1106c-70ta will also be unveiled at the BMW exhibition

the 1106c mechanical control engine with a displacement of 7.1 liters can bring various benefits to equipment manufacturers in all industries, especially providing the same power as the engine with a larger displacement

today's OEMs are focusing on manufacturing equipment with higher productivity, stronger power and more fuel-efficient. If they can achieve this goal by building a competitive industrial cluster with an engine with smaller displacement and the same performance as a larger size product, and the operating cost of the engine is maintained at a lower level throughout the service life of the equipment, this will undoubtedly bring great advantages to the main engine factory

Perkins' 1106c is suitable for many engineering machinery applications. The main engine factory usually uses a 10 liter engine to match a 5-ton loader, while the 1106c has the same performance, but the size is small, and the operation cost is relatively low. 110a1=...... the power density of the rising spectrum calculation formula 6C has increased, but the output power is exactly the same as that of the engine with a much larger displacement, and the smaller displacement also means that its fuel consumption performance will be better, that is, it will be more efficient, and it will be more competitive from the perspective of the cost during the whole service life

in the same way, it can be expected that the 1106 series will be very popular with material handling equipment manufacturers around the world, because of its compact size, high power density and low-speed torque, it is best suited to match the commonly used 10 ton forklift

1106d-e70ta and 1106c-70ta join the product army of Perkins Wuxi engine Industrial Park. Together with the 400 and 1104 series models that have already been put into production, the main engine manufacturers will be able to supply a large number of high reliability engines with different configurations, all of which have been proved to have excellent performance and can meet their needs at every level. No matter what their primary consideration is, whether it is performance, assembly size or emission standards, they are sure to find a Perkins engine configuration that meets their needs

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