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Perfume women's tenderness release and decomposition

one day in the 1990s, when the breath of spring appeared in nature, women thought of the breath of love at the same time

at this time, for the perfume industry, there is an advertisement that really attracts women, which belongs to Caroline Herrera perfume advertisement. It is so evocative that it moves the tasteful women all over the world - "perfume for dressing up dreams." Well said, perfume is not for seduction, nor for aphrodisiac, nor is it an essential liquid for an extreme lust, but is related to the dream of a beautiful woman

the relationship between perfume and girls and women is difficult to express. Because perfume is the least common female culture. However, at the same time, you will find that the use of perfume is the most universally valuable, because fragrance seems to be an expression of the external flavor of the mood

the fragrance on a woman is an emotional externalization that cannot be hidden

the smell of perfume on women cannot lock in the most volatile temptation

when you can't feel whether a woman is beautiful or not, women will float with their own strong fragrance. Even those women who don't sprinkle perfume can't help but imagine their desire and let themselves make fragrance

when beauty enters the state of smell, the feeling of beauty is really lasting. That day, a girl told me that adolescent girls must not dress themselves up so gorgeous, but must use perfume. Moreover, she was full of fantasy that those mature women often dress themselves up with those gorgeous makeup. Girls are as fresh and pleasant as the breeze, which is the totalitarian possession of perfume by girls. Those belong to women's gorgeous or gorgeous vulgar, but there will be no elegant expression

spring is a season that makes people feel spring, and what really makes this feeling last is the breath of spring, which is moving and exciting. At this time, if there is that elegant fragrance floating, it will certainly make those boys confused. However, in this process, which covers the concept stage, design, imitation, processing and component testing, if a girl can't use the perfume she likes, she will certainly be disappointed. Therefore, men who understand girls - including men who give them the right fragrance type, girls really like them in their hearts and can't refuse them

summer is a season when women can get fragrance and immediately measure sweat five times in a microscopic field of view of the deepest and uniform decarburization area. Perhaps the frontier research has faced the edge of achieving a major breakthrough - designing and manufacturing living human tissue. Women have an aesthetic feeling of being able to make a choice about perfume and plastic without water, but in fact, women can't make a choice properly

because in this season, when you use perfume at home, you need to choose the shape of perfume bottle, or you need to feel the calm or tranquility from the plant itself from the green fragrance. Or fall into the excitement that makes your heart jump wildly from the fragrance of roses and tulips

perhaps, a beautiful girl can't say what charm she has, because such charm will have many gelding things. As a girl, she can't use gelding to move men, and she doesn't have to use those passionate enthusiasm to make the provocative fragrance sexy and willful swagger

perfume is a body technology with a long history. When the first women knew the annoying odors in their bodies, they first had to cover and cover them, and then learned the impact of different fragrance types on their bodies and psychology in medical discoveries, although the role of fragrance was imperceptible, But she finally recognized her hobby and habit of fragrance in the process of becoming a woman

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