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BASF and security matters promote the development of plastic circular economy

is the oil in the storage tank full BASF and security matters recently signed a binding agreement, announcing the joint development of plastic traceability and recycling solutions

plastic has many unique characteristics. If used properly, it will help to create an energy-saving and sustainable future. However, in order to realize circular economy, it is necessary to improve the proportion of plastic recycling and reuse. Although chemical recycling has made great progress, it is more commonly used to recycle waste plastics through mechanical methods. At present, the mechanical properties and quality of recycled plastics are lower than those of primary plastics due to polymer degradation and impurity residues. In addition, because the infrastructure of recycling is expensive and complex, it has not been introduced in many regions

by cooperating with security matters, BASF hopes to provide solutions to this problem. In this cooperation, security matters will use its patented technology to realize online and offline tracking of closed-loop recycling, verify sustainability claims, and optimize the classification of plastic waste. At the same time, this cooperation will also use and play BASF in plastic additives, monitoring 2 shear strength; Extensive experience and professional knowledge in the field of management and regulation, as well as a deep understanding of the plastic value chain. As part of the agreement, the two companies will also integrate their strengths and advantages in R & D and resources to achieve win-win cooperation

se insiders said that the tracking and tracing solution of currency matters will use a unique and tamper proof chemical barcode to mark physical items and connect them with digital twin. Even in the production and recycling process, the bar code will not be damaged, and will not change the appearance or performance of the article. In addition, through the use of proprietary technology, bar codes can also collect various information embedded in plastic to help realize plastic closed loop

Achim sties, senior vice president of specialty chemicals business department of BASF Europe, said: "In order to meet the global challenges, we must reflect on the application of plastics from the perspective of plastic waste. Circular economy is imperative; on the one hand, it can realize the closed-loop resource of plastic waste, on the other hand, it can help us recycle plastics as efficiently as possible. We are jointly developing an innovative technology that can collect polymer information and track the plastic whereabouts throughout the production and sales process. In addition, we also Appropriate additive combinations will be developed for customers and other interested parties using recycled materials in the value chain to better exert the value of materials and improve resource productivity. "

haggai alon, founder and CEO of security matters, said: "We are very honored to cooperate with BASF, a leading enterprise in the global plastic additive industry. This will be the first step for security matters to show how to use patented technology for recycling applications. By improving the transparency of product life cycle, we are expected to establish an entirely technology driven ecosystem to promote the recycling and sustainable development of plastics. We will work together to promote the development of the plastic industry and make it more sustainable Innovative, flexible and productive. "

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