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Build a new jade culture industry based on Hanzhong jade

the rubber used in a common work and tires or shock absorbers in the "Hanzhong jade" jade craft factory belongs to the polymer room. Master Yang, in his 50s, is carefully considering a "imperial concubine bathing" stone in front of the case, and his beautiful posture is clearly visible under the lines outlined by the pen. This is a scene I saw in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province a few days ago

"the next step is to constantly polish and trim." "Master Yang" told that in the face of a piece of jade raw materials, we should conceive according to its shape, color and texture, and then determine what theme to choose, how to compose and choose, and what methods to express. "More charm, less craftsmanship. This is not only a technical problem, but also an artistic problem."

"master Yang" loves jade carving art. He said that the development of "Hanzhong jade" has strengthened his confidence in the development of jade culture industry. He will keep doing it

then, what is "Hanzhong jade"? What kind of charm does it have that makes master Yang, who has been engaged in jade carving for many years, so obsessed? What is its origin with Shaanxi geology and mineral resources group, the main force of geological prospecting in Shaanxi

a rich mine "raised in the mountains, people don't know"

food, sex, too. Like eating, it's nature to love beautiful things. Jade is the beauty of stone. As we all know, jade, as a unique mineral gem, is not only a symbol of personal wealth, the embodiment of noble quality, but also people's materialized sustenance for a better life. Chinese people have a preference for it since ancient times. China has been an important jade producing area since ancient times, especially nephrite, which has a long mining history, wide distribution and considerable reserves

the so-called "eight hundred Li Qinchuan is rich in natural resources and treasures, with a history of five thousand years and outstanding people." Nature always favors this highland. In Micang mountain at the junction of Shaanxi and Sichuan, the mountains are misty and the clouds are steaming. In 2012, the Hanzhong Geological Brigade of Shaanxi geology and Mineral Corporation, which is shouldering the important task of strategic action for breakthrough in prospecting, once again went deep into the mining area. What is different from the past is that this time, they unexpectedly found a large high-quality jade mine in a mountain shaped like Guanyin, and the precious jade hidden for hundreds of millions of years finally appeared. Because it is produced in Hanzhong, it is called "Hanzhong jade"

"Hanzhong jade" is another kind of precious jade found after Hotan jade, Xiuyu jade, Lantian jade and Dushan jade. At present, the amount of jade ore has been proved to be more than 800000 tons. "Although Hanzhong jade, which was developed relatively late, is a rising star, it is no inferior in terms of variety, texture and color."

heshuping, deputy general manager of Shaanxi geology and mineral group, proudly told that it was the four characteristics of "gentle" elegance, ice clean and "moist", natural "fragrance" and "transparent" flexibility that made Hanzhong jade popular with the public once it was launched

There are various varieties of Hanzhong jade, including serpentine jade, diopside jade, flower jade and mica jade; There are rich colors, including four main colors: yellow, green, blue and white, with a total of more than ten colors; The color is thick, slightly transparent, glassy to waxy; Fine texture, moderate hardness, Mohs hardness between; With complete block size and compact structure, it is suitable for carving. With its unique essential characteristics and ingenuity, all kinds of Hanzhong jade carvings, ornaments, handles, pendants, etc. produced by carving have high ornamental value and collection value. Deputy general manager he talked like a treasure

it is said that such a poem has been circulating in Hanzhong, "gold, fragrant jade, grinding precious pearls. What is a legend for thousands of years? Iron shoes are broken, find nowhere. Baodi Micang, show your face." From nature, from time to time, Golden Jade is a kind of beautiful jade that will emit a charming fragrance. It is a rare jade that people have been looking for for for thousands of years, but only see historical records and rarely see its beauty. Because of its plain appearance and unsightly appearance, there is often a saying among the people that "people who have eyes do not know gold and jade" or "it is difficult to buy gold and jade with money"

times have changed. It is said that the mysterious "Golden Jade" is not only startled to appear in the world, but also deserves to be the top grade of all varieties of "Hanzhong jade"

heshuping told that the Chinese treasure - "golden fragrant jade" belongs to the serpentine jade in Hanzhong. Its color is golden yellow and bright, its texture is warm and simple, and it has transparent glass luster. What is particularly rare is that it has natural coffee flavor. In 2017, the scientific research team of the CCTV science and education channel "geography China" column team unveiled the mystery of "Golden Jade": through the field investigation of Micang mountain, the scientific research team explored that Golden Jade is a kind of jade that can emit a special fragrance after absorbing the surrounding aromatic organic substances in the process of recrystallization of serpentine Petrochemical marble after magma baking and metamorphism under special geological processes and geographical environments. The special smell of "Golden Jade" can attract bees and butterflies and drive away snakes and insects, so it has been regarded as an auspicious thing to pursue good luck and avoid bad luck since ancient times

a strategy leads cross-border operations

adopt or not? Do it or not? Luck always favors people who are good at seizing opportunities

under the background of economic development entering the new normal and comprehensively deepening reform, the storm of supply side structural reform has intensified. In the face of the great changes in the development environment, Shaanxi geology and mineral group, which had been restructured at that time, resolutely waved off the hat of public institutions and embarked on the path of enterprise development

"there is no turning back". Whether it is improving quality and efficiency or transformation and upgrading, the future development of enterprises urgently needs a new breakthrough

before making a formal decision, the geological and mineral group conducted extensive research nationwide. They were surprised to find that as long as there is jade, most people are rich! Everyone has a craft, and every family has something to do. While enterprises increase efficiency, the jade industry has become a considerable source of income for local finance

enterprises live in the society, and they should repay the society in everything they do. People can get rich, local incomes can be increased, and enterprises can increase efficiency. Why not

"the development of Hanzhong jade is the maximum force that a thousand fixtures can bear. It must be greater than or equal to the maximum experimental force of the host machine! We should leave a foundation for the geological and mineral industry that can be developed for generations." Under the strategic guidance of the board of directors headed by Zhao Tingzhou, Shaanxi geology and mineral Hanyuan jade industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hanyuan jade industry), as a secondary enterprise of the group, was rapidly completed in Hanzhong in 2012. This is the only state-owned comprehensive jade culture enterprise in China that integrates jade exploration, mining, design, processing, sales and jade culture promotion

the greater the mission, the greater. Carrying the heavy responsibility of "Hanzhong jade scale development" of the geological and mineral group, Hanyuan jade industry dare not stop for a moment. Through years of professional exploration, the company has proved Hanzhong jade resources mainly including serpentine jade, diopside jade, flower jade and mica jade. The jade products developed are rich in color, delicate in texture, diverse in variety and unique in shape, and are deeply favored by the majority of consumers. The product sales are gradually radiated from Hanzhong to Xi'an, Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other places

at present, Hanyuan jade industry has two subsidiaries (Shaanxi geology and mineral Hanzhong Jade Culture Development Co., Ltd. and Nanzheng Weiyuan Mining Co., Ltd.) and an unincorporated craft factory. It also has modern mining areas, jade carving plants with advanced equipment, jade plate plants and a number of Direct stores of Hanzhong jade. It can be said that Hanyuan jade industry is becoming a new star in domestic jade enterprises

the development is endless. There is no end to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Excellent entrepreneurs never lack a keen business sense. How to make full use of natural superior jade resources, make Hanzhong jade bigger and stronger, and create a new jade culture industry for Shaanxi, so as to better benefit the people and repay the society? The visionary geological and mineral group once again set its sights on the distance...

after in-depth analysis and bold demonstration, Shaanxi geological and Mineral Group officially established the strategy of developing Hanzhong jade cultural industry in 2015, planning to invest 6.8 billion yuan in the overall exploration and development of Hanzhong jade, including the construction of a jade cultural industrial park in Nanzheng District of Hanzhong. "Our vision is to strive to make Hanzhong jade a resounding business card of Shaanxi, so as to drive a series of development of local economy, finance and taxation, employment and poverty alleviation!" Chairman Zhao Tingzhou's words were incisive, and his sonorous words seemed to be his declaration on the project. The greening of the selection of synthetic raw materials for plastic additives is an important part of its source management

a mechanism innovation is stable and Zhiyuan

a group of geological background teams go to do the development of jade industry, which in the eyes of ordinary people, is a little nondescript and has an uncertain future. After all, the development of jade culture industry is not simply prospecting and mining, nor is it simply processing and marketing. It requires a clear and complete business model

if you choose high mountains, you choose bumps. If you choose persistence, you choose suffering. If you choose to go far away, you will have to go through both wind and rain. Heshuping, deputy general manager of Shaanxi geology and mineral group and chairman of Hanyuan jade industry, admitted that in the process of exploring enterprise transformation, every day is accompanied by countless pains and torments

years of exploration experience made her realize that resources are the root and foundation. With resources, we can firmly grasp the market. This is precisely the advantage of Shaanxi geological and mineral Hanyuan jade industry. The special attribute of resource-based enterprises makes them have no choice but to find more jade resources and apply for more mining rights

continuous discovery and mastery of resources is an important support for enterprises to further occupy the market. Take the newly developed "Magnolia white" as an example, which is an unexpected harvest of Hanyuan people. Because the texture is moist and white and natural, it has become a new economic growth point of the enterprise once it is found

"any enterprise ultimately exists for the purpose of making profits", heshuping said. "Only by fully grasping resources, allowing products to enter the market, allowing consumers to recognize them, and then becoming bigger and stronger, can it be possible to achieve rich profits, drive the development of local related industries, and finally make people rich."

based on this concept, the people of Hanyuan jade industry have gradually clarified the general idea of Hanzhong jade project development in continuous exploration, that is, by grasping the two ends of "resources" and "market", the industry will form a virtuous circle, so as to drive the development and expansion of intermediate industry links

everything needs a process, and we should work hard, but we should not be eager for quick success and instant benefit. Unlike other industries, the jade industry has a long production cycle, and market positioning requires a long time of accumulation and continuous penetration into the hearts of the people in order to be recognized by consumers. In this process, we must advance step by step and in a planned way in order to lay a solid market foundation

how can the low-key and pragmatic people of Hanyuan jade industry not understand this truth. From the establishment of organizations, the allocation of professionals, the introduction of jade carving technology, the deployment of sales points, the implementation of agent mechanisms, to the integration of resources from all walks of life, to win social recognition... It is hard to imagine that in just more than three years, they have been operating well

in 2016 and 2017, the jade carving works produced by Hanzhong jade won the national "Tiangong Award" excellent work Award for two consecutive years. The good reputation in the industry makes them move forward

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