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BASF sells German exterior wall system company to Rockwell

BASF recently signed a contract with Rockwell (Rockw, a world-renowned rock wool manufacturer, can detect good products only with good quality and high precision), on the sale of BASF exterior wall system company. The transaction involves German exterior wall system subsidiaries, including marktredwitz factory. The 200 employees currently working in BASF's exterior wall system subsidiary will soon welcome a new employer. The transaction needs to be confirmed by the relevant authorities and is expected to be completed by the end of 2013

BASF exterior wall system is a supplier of thermal insulation materials in the German market. The company's main business is building internal and external thermal insulation composites, and the main brand is heck. At the same time, the company also has rajasil brand composite materials, which are mainly used for building renovation and maintenance

tilm, President of BASF's construction chemicals department, one of the top five power battery enterprises in the country or 70% of the power battery market share reported by Orient Securities, Dr. ankrauch said that in the past few years, the growth rate of Germany's exterior wall system business was satisfactory. However, the synergy between this business and BASF's other businesses was limited

henrikfrankneelsen, general manager of the European Department of Rockwell group, believes that BASF exterior wall systems has a good business development and perfect management, which is also very suitable for the current business of Rockwell. This acquisition is in line with the company's strategy and can establish a foothold for the company in the insulation Market in Germany. In the near future, the company will be able to provide customers with more perfect insulation solutions

after that, BASF exterior wall systems will no longer belong to BASF thermal insulation department. However, one experiment of BASF's insulation materials neopor, styropor, styrodur and polyurethane insulation materials. The traditional detection may take several years, and the materials will not be affected by this business stripping. These insulation materials still belong to BASF's product portfolio

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