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Barclays Bank will fully promote the speech and voiceprint recognition function

Barclays Bank of the United Kingdom announced recently that it will permanently call for all customers; It is suitable for ordinary operators to launch nuance freespeech speech recognition function

nuance freespeech system is a voice voiceprint recognition technology developed by nuance, a world-renowned voice control technology company, which also provides support for Apple's Siri voice technology. Barclays first launched this function in its private banking business Barclays Wealth in 2013. In the process of use, 93% of users recognized the ease of use and security of speech recognition function

Barclays said that before the launch of the new function, bank users must enter a password or a 16 digit debit card password to prove their identity. Now, users only need to talk with bank employees for a few seconds. The bank's voice recognition technology will compare the conversation content with the user's voice archive in the bank, and quickly identify the user's identity through the unique voiceprint feature, which is fast and safe

Steven copper, CEO of Barclays, said: if the purchase price of coke in some steel mills in East China is reduced by 30 yuan/ton, there will always be a critical moment to forget the password with the traditional password. Speech recognition completely avoids this problem. The Excellence Center of the Institute will be located in Detroit, and the authentication can be completed with a few words. In addition, it shows that the stress and strain of steel become linear. Voice recognition technology can also greatly reduce the communication time between customers and banks, and reduce the necessary operating costs for the whole bank. It is reported that Barclays' customer call center will fully enable the speech recognition function next month

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