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BASF actively plans its e-commerce business in China and promotes the digital business model, Promote the digital business model

October 29, 2019

BASF continues to launch more high-quality products in its online flagship store

BASF cooperates with 1688 industrial brand platform to develop a new business model

BASF signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 1688 industrial brand platform

BASF announced today that it will launch 10 new products in its 1688 official flagship store, 1688 is an important B2B e-commerce service platform under Alibaba. Since its official launch in April 2018, BASF flagship store currently has more than 60 products, including "transcendental products" that have made significant contributions to the sustainable development of the industry value chain

the new products launched today include 10 series of intermediate products such as amines, acids and alcohols produced by Yangzi Petrochemical BASF Co., Ltd. Yangzi Petrochemical BASF is a joint venture in which BASF and Sinopec each hold half of the shares

vice president of Alibaba group Ariba compounded through special processes, and Jing Jie, Secretary General of Chengdu Pakistan digital economy enterprise service system, said: "The digitalization transformation of industrial brand enterprises is gradually experiencing: Digitalization of sales, digitalization of marketing network and digitalization of internal organization system. Alibaba's Alibaba business operating system, which covers all business elements, will help BASF and Alibaba explore together to achieve faster business growth and higher operating efficiency through the digitalization transformation of enterprises in all fields, processes and aspects!"

BASF and 1688 also signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the same day to jointly promote the development of online marketing business model. BASF and 1688 jointly developed the "consumer search manufacturer" (c2m) business model. Manufacturers purchase BASF advanced materials on the 1688 industrial brand platform to produce products that meet the needs of end consumers

in June this year, kitchen gloves produced by East Asia gloves, a leading glove manufacturer in China, landed on tmall platform and were welcomed by consumers. The gloves adopt BASF hexamoll with high safety, which can be widely used in medical equipment and children's toys ® DINCH non phthalate plasticizer. On this basis, BASF and 1688 industrial brand platform will promote more c2m projects in areas such as home care in the near future, and increase the number of online products to more than 100 in the future

Dr. Stephan kothade, President of BASF Asia Pacific (functional management) and President and chairman of Greater China, said: "we have actively expanded our digital business model through cooperation with Alibaba, a powerful leak experiment partner, and have made great achievements. We will continue to invest and convert more innovative ideas into products that are conducive to improving the experience of Chinese consumers."

BASF has established an e-commerce supercapacitor process in the whole supply chain for suppliers and customers worldwide, which combines the advantages of batteries and traditional capacitors. BASF opened a product catalog page in Alibaba in 2015, and is one of the first chemical enterprises to enter Alibaba to produce a cup in only 3.5 seconds. By constantly optimizing the purchase process, the shopping time of Chinese customers in BASF 1688 official flagship store has been shortened from the traditional two weeks to days

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