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BASF and Aspen gel open strategic partnership

with the signing of the joint development agreement in the field of exclusive supply and growth, BASF and Aspen aerogel gel jointly announced their strategic partnership today. The agreement aims to deepen market penetration, improve product profitability, and promote the development of next-generation new materials

as part of the agreement, Aspen will be committed to the supply of aerogel gel products in BASF building materials market. Accordingly, BASF will invest tens of millions of dollars in the construction of a new plant in Aspen. In addition, BASF will provide technical support for Aspen's production efficiency, product cost and profit

initially, the supply agreement will promote the integration of BASF slentex's global building materials market and merge Aspen's patented technology. BASF may also sell or merge spacelofta2 directly to application systems in the construction, transportation, consumer and industrial markets. The agreement is valid until 2027

durski said, "this is a development trend that we want to follow and support. Raimar Jahn, President of BASF's high performance materials department, said," Aspen's superior aerogel gel technology platform can help us improve, so Aspen is selected as a partner. The new agreement will accelerate the application of aerogel technology as an Eco efficient thermal insulation material worldwide. "

the origin of this cooperation can be traced back to 2010, when BASF venture capital department invested in Aspen for the decline of stock industry prosperity. After that, the two companies began to explore technological development and business opportunities in the building materials market. This work has promoted the development of Aspen's spacelofta2 insulation products

about Aspen aerogel gel company

Aspen aerogel is an aerogel technology company headquartered in Massachusetts. It is committed to designing, developing and manufacturing high-performance thermal insulation aerogel for the energy infrastructure and building materials markets

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