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BASF launched biodegradable polymer products - ecovio film

plastic products have been widely used. BASF has always adhered to the rational and scientific use of renewable energy. For any product, we should pay attention to its whole life cycle. BASF's value and appeal for biodegradable products is that it can be applied to compostable materials, that is, to help solve the problem of waste management. The biodegradable plastic products launched by BASF have been certified by authoritative international institutions, and the development of new materials will be significantly accelerated. They will be transformed into compost in industrial composting sites, meeting the global composting standards.. The materials developed by BASF must also be compostable and help waste management

the business of BASF biodegradable plastic project belongs to the development of low-pressure and high flow conditions. Mr. Daniel Hebert, the Commissioner, decided on the difference of the sensors used in the interview and revealed two information. The first information is that BASF biodegradable plastic materials can help solve the problem of waste disposal in many large cities in China; The second message is that through our biodegradable materials, we can help farmers further increase production while ensuring the fertility of the soil

Daniel Hebert introduced a new biodegradable polymer product of BASF ecovio film to the author. Ecovio film is a degradable agricultural film, which can not only improve farmers' production, but also ensure that it does not pollute the soil. In addition, ecovio materials are also used in shopping bags, which are also compostable shopping bags. Compostable shopping bags are becoming more and more popular in the United States and Europe. It can greatly solve the problem of white pollution caused by too many non compostable shopping bags. In addition, some waste disposal bags also use BASF compostable and biodegradable materials. BASF has launched garbage collection projects in some cities to teach people how to distinguish between organic waste and general waste. There are also some special applications, such as the application of shrink film with position control and force control in the packaging field, paper coated with ecovio materials and compostable coffee cups, as well as compostable foam products launched on the market. (Note: compostable materials and products must be 100% completely biodegradable)

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