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Aikang will introduce AI. What will AI bring to the private medical examination industry?

the domestic private medical examination giant Aikang group recently announced a new 2.0 strategy. Zhang Ligang, the founder of Aikang group, said in an exclusive interview with China business that unlike the traditional medical examination mode, the new strategy will introduce a large amount of AI to assist diagnosis on some projects, so as to improve the level and efficiency of diagnosis

20 years after the development of commercial physical examination, the industry hardware has long been a strong weapon, but it is facing a bottleneck in terms of military strength. Can the introduction of artificial intelligence bring some new changes

it is learned that Aikang group introduced artificial intelligence mainly through cooperation with a number of third-party companies, which is applied to many aspects, such as artificial intelligence visual film image analysis, tumor screening, chronic disease management and treatment services after physical examination

for example, in the field of artificial intelligence visual film image analysis, at present, Aikang group cooperates with airdoc company, which is the head company in the field of artificial intelligence visual film image analysis. During the physical examination, the data is transmitted to the cloud through fundus camera. Artificial intelligence is based on the database of 8million people. Through the uploaded visual film photos, it can automatically identify more than 30 kinds of lesions, with sensitivity and specificity of 97%

this level has been on a par with high-level ophthalmologists. Zhang Ligang told first finance that the main purpose of introducing AI is to improve efficiency and diagnosis and treatment level. In the past, physical examination relied more on the experience and judgment of doctors, but at present, the number of domestic doctors is relatively small. At present, the number of 1000 Chinese medicine students in China is less than 2, far lower than 2.7 in the United States and 3.3 in the European Union; Moreover, the level of domestic doctors is uneven, and the introduction of artificial intelligence can bring overall improvement. At the same time, in addition to the basic free items of AI, it will also bring some value-added items. For example, the blood vessels in the optic membrane can sometimes reach more than 1000% and the nerves are exposed. It can screen chronic diseases and complications such as hypertension, diabetes and some tumors, and it will also bring some new revenue growth to the company

Wang Wenhua, executive director of IC insight consulting, told China business that the relevant applications of artificial intelligence have been emerging in various industries. In the medical field, its main application focuses on artificial intelligence diagnosis, that is, to judge the existence of lesions through the analysis of images. As an auxiliary diagnosis, artificial intelligence can avoid human negligence to a great extent, and then provide more accurate diagnosis results. In addition, AI diagnosis can often be completed in a few seconds, which greatly increases the efficiency of diagnosis

on the other hand, according to Zhang Ligang, at present, the per capita budget of physical examination in most domestic enterprises is several hundred yuan, which is difficult to cover the cost of inviting experts to diagnose. After AI is added, the diagnosis and treatment level of physical examination can be improved

this has always been a bottleneck faced by the private medical examination industry

since the first commercial physical examination institution was born in Beijing in 1998, the domestic commercial physical examination has experienced a period of rapid development. According to the data of the prospective research institute, by the end of 2017, the scale of the private physical examination market was 24 billion yuan, accounting for 18.1% of the total market share of power battery enterprises under pressure at both ends

with the intensification of market competition, the competition of private physical examination has gradually shifted from horse racing to becoming bigger and stronger. At present, the equipment level of many private physical examinations has been ahead of public medical institutions, but the talent reserve has always been a weakness in the industry, and many experienced doctors are not willing to work in commercial physical examination institutions

After Zhang set up, Li Gang also said that in the past two years, Aikang has not opened stores on a large scale, and there are also considerations in this regard. Aikang does not lack the funds to open stores. The main reason is that it is not easy to find so many qualified doctors, and the application of AI technology can make up for the shortage of experts in the private physical examination industry

it is understood that in the next step, Aikang group will further increase its investment in the field of artificial intelligence, including cooperating with third-party companies to develop relevant AI systems. Especially in terms of Pathology, there is a big gap in qualified pathologists in China at present. Taking cervical scraping screening as an example, at present, it mainly relies on manual viewing under the microscope. 1. Name: microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine. Students need to see 600000 pieces a year in Beijing, with a huge workload. Therefore, the company is also planning to develop an AI system for this screening, and change it to artificial intelligence recognition to improve efficiency

on the other hand, the introduction of AI projects by Aikang group also has more commercial considerations. At present, the private medical examination industry is dominated by B2B customers. Due to the low threshold, fierce industry competition and serious product homogenization

WangWenhua said that at present, the vast majority of private physical examination institutions still provide physical examination services. The future market competition is to improve the quality of examination services and gradually develop Post Examination Services on the one hand, and the maintenance and development of b-end physical examination customers on the other hand. The significance of introducing AI is self-evident

it is worth noting that the application of artificial intelligence in the physical examination industry is still in its infancy and still needs further polishing

airdoc founder CEO Zhang Dalei told that although AI has been applied to the screening of some diseases, it is still at the beginning. Unlike Internet AI, medical AI is much more complex. In the medical field, many lesions are very small targets and counter intuitive. For example, affected by cell absorption, the darker the light in the photo, the closer rather than the farther away from the camera. As a result, the effect of using the traditional open source machine learning algorithm is very poor, requiring a large number of annotations, so it is impossible to replace doctors in five to ten years or even longer

it's like a human child knows it's a cat when he sees two cats, but the algorithm can't do it. He may need to see 20000 cats before he knows it's a cat in front of him. Zhang Dalei said

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