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2020 top ten art paint brands ranking list

2020 top ten art paint brands ranking list

May 12, 2020

which is the best art paint brand in 2020? Traditional coatings are very serious for indoor air pollution and will harm people's health. The emergence of artistic coatings has changed this situation. Now decoration people have higher and higher requirements for quality, and they all hope to use materials that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Coatings that bring relatively large decoration pollution in decoration can be said to be a major disaster, but now many people prefer to use artistic coatings, Not only is the decorative style of art paint novel, but the most important thing is that art paint has many advantages, such as non-toxic, environmental protection, waterproof, dustproof and so on. What brand of art paint is good

2020 top ten art paint brands ranking list, 2020 consumers love art paint brands, 2020 consumers pay attention to art paint brands, is CNPP data research, the top ten brands jointly launched the top ten famous brands ranking list of art paint. The list was obtained by CNPP brand data research department through data collection, collation, big data statistical analysis and research. The top ten famous brands of 2020 art paint selected fairly, 2020 consumers love art paint brands, and 2020 consumers pay attention to art paint brands. It aims to attract wide attention of the society, lead the development direction of the industry, promote the rapid development of more art paint brands, and provide a platform for many flooring enterprises to fully display their strength. It is ranked in no order, and is only for your reference

first place: bemet, (Fujian bemet Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd.)

top ten brands of liquid wallpaper, top ten brands of art coatings, large domestic liquid wallpaper production and sales enterprises, strong construction capacity/good reputation after sales/advanced production equipment enterprises, Fujian bemet environmental protection Group Co., Ltd.

second place: PPG master paint

Pompey Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of coating company PPG registered in China. For more than a century, PPG architectural coatings has enjoyed a high reputation in the industry, serving families and industries around the world. PPG owns residential, commercial and industrial coatings and paint brands, which can meet the different needs of all kinds of consumers, designers, contractors, property managers, developers and architects

third place: Carpoly garberry paint

garberry is a well-known provider of coatings and coating solutions in China, with obvious advantages in the field of civil coatings such as wood coatings and architectural coatings. Jiabaoli chemical group was founded in the 1990s, and its headquarters is located in Jiangmen, the hometown of overseas Chinese

fourth place: Nippon Nippon

Nippon China is subordinate to Singapore instant group. Nippon coatings entered China in 1992 and has become a leading brand in the coating industry in China in recent years. Nippon has always taken beautifying and protecting people's lives as its own responsibility, constantly creating products of superior quality, so that beautiful color footprints throughout every corner of China

fifth, you can also write a chapter name on the jaw tooth shape: skshu three trees

three trees paint Co., Ltd., convinced that the way to keep the foundation green lies in the way of nature. For more than a decade, sankeshu has been determined and developed rapidly, becoming the fastest-growing enterprise in China's paint industry and leaping to the leading brand of health paint

sixth place: sherwinwilliams Xuanwei

Xuanwei Williams Chemical Co., Ltd. is a listed company in New York. Founded in 1866, it is one of the largest professional coating companies in the world. It is in an international leading position in the field of coating production and sales, and has ranked first in the U.S. coating sales list for many years

seventh place: Benjamin Moore

benjamin Moore coating is a well-known coating brand in North America whose starting position is * the next year. It belongs to American Benjamin Moore Co., which integrates high-tech research and development, production and sales. When the lower collet release button is pressed, the lower collet is difficult to release, but it can be slowly released by tapping the world-famous chemical coating company

eighth place: Viero Vero

Vero - represents more than just a product. We keep close contact with designers, architects and technicians all over the world to jointly lead the new trend of decoration, develop new product effects, and meet the persistent requirements of tasters for decoration. The effect of each of our products is the bearing of high-quality raw materials, experience and creativity

ninth place: ariwell (Fuzhou glikai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.)

well known art coating brand, innovative/environmental protection/healthy/practical diatom art wall material product supplier, Fuzhou glikaihuan, a comprehensive diatom art wall material enterprise integrating R & D/production/design/sales/construction/service. Technical specification for external wall insulation construction of glikaihuan (rubber powder polyphenyl particle insulation slurry glass fiber grid crack resistant mortar practice) dbj/t 01 (5) 0 (2) 002 Bao Technology Co., Ltd.

10th: tikkurila finlin paint

started in Finland in 1862. Tikkurila's high-end brand is famous for its top environmental protection and personalized color matching, Finnish finlin paint, a professional decorative paint and industrial paint manufacturer, is a high-end brand under digurila. It is famous for top environmental protection and personalized color matching, and is known as the European paint with the crown. After entering the Chinese market, Fenlin paint has won a wide reputation for its high-quality products and services, and has been used in many famous construction projects and high-end apartment projects. Today, Fenlin paint has become a high-end brand with important influence in China's paint market

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