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How to ensure the high quality of waste gas treatment equipment? Start with the details of operation

in recent years, in some factories or printing plants, we will see the use of waste gas treatment equipment, which is the main equipment for purifying the first washing sewage of waste gas or sewage treatment. However, the quantity of waste gas treatment equipment sold in the market is large, and the related quality is also different. Then, October is the first import growth in the second half of the year. What do we think of the quality of waste gas treatment equipment and how to ensure high quality

choosing the right equipment and brand is very important. Now exhaust gas treatment equipment has become a matter that many people attach importance to, so the production of exhaust gas treatment equipment is also increasing. However, facing the diversification of market brands and products, consumers have more choices, but they have no way to start. Choosing a brand is very important, and the value and quality of the brand can be guaranteed

it is understood that if we want to ensure that the waste gas treatment equipment we choose has quality assurance and a certain high-quality effect, we need to combine all parts of the waste gas treatment equipment or the corresponding commissioning situation. In other words, we can see whether the parts of the waste gas treatment equipment are intact, and then see how they all work after debugging. In this way, we can judge the quality of the waste gas treatment equipment

waste gas treatment equipment is mainly an environmental protection equipment that uses different processes and technologies to protect the environment and purify the air by recycling or removing harmful components that reduce the emission of tail gas

precautions for the operation of waste gas treatment equipment:

1. Turn on the main power switch

2. Open the control valve of No.1 or No.2 filter tower and start the circulating water pump

3. Open the paint filtration system for oil-water separation

4. Turn on the exhaust fan and start the waste gas activated carbon treatment system to discharge up to standard waste gas

5. Clean or replace the paint filtration system to keep it in good working condition

6. Clean or replace the exhaust activated carbon treatment system to keep it in good working condition

"7. Clean and maintain the exhaust fan and circulating water pump to keep them in good working condition

8. After work or after work, close the door, turn off the main power supply, clean the paint filtration system and waste gas activated carbon treatment system, maintain the fan and circulating water pump, clean the site sanitation, and make records carefully

9. Precautions for waste gas treatment equipment:

(1) wear labor protection articles when working

(2) pay attention to safety when bagging solid waste

(3) when stopping work, all control motor switches and main power switches must be turned off

(4) waste water should be treated according to the specified procedure, and the instrument value should be set according to the specification

(5) strong corrosive chemicals should be kept separately, and the receiving and sending procedures should be completed for the acquisition of signals

(6) during the operation of the system, if any problem is found, the fault shall be eliminated in time to restore normal operation

(7) do a good job in equipment maintenance, pay special attention to the operation of water pumps and exhaust fans, and avoid equipment accidents

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