How to equip the safety device of circular saw

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How to equip the safety device of circular saw

www.mechnet. com. cn "> safety devices that circular sawing machines must be equipped with:

there are two reasons for accidental casualties of circular sawing machines: one is that the hands or bodies of the operators touch the saw blade; the other is that the wood is tightly clamped with the saw blade and violently collides or ejects to the operators due to knots, wetness or blunt wear of the saw blade during processing. For these reasons, the main safety measures taken on Circular sawing machines are as follows:

I Protective cover

the protective cover of circular saw machine is divided into table top and table bottom. The portable protective cover on the table is composed of a support frame, a plexiglass cover, a separation knife, a brake pad, etc. When working, the hood can swing on the support frame to adapt to the change of wood thickness. There are stiffeners in the cover to increase the anti vibration strength of the cover. The sawing of wood can be clearly seen through the plexiglass cover. This protective device is suitable for sawing plates with high accuracy requirements, such as laminates, woodworking products, etc. The purpose of the protective cover at the bottom of the table is to prevent the operator from being sawed by the saw blade when cleaning the sawdust. Its structure is relatively simple. It is usually protected by steel plates on both sides of the saw blade. The distance between the two sides is no more than 150m long. Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene replaces metal, and glass fiber nylon material has obvious advantages of weight reduction and cost reduction. Its bottom edge shall be at least 50mm lower than the serration

II. Anti rebound device

in order to prevent the rebound of wood, the saw tail knife, separation knife and brake claw are generally installed on the circular saw machine. The separating knife is an arc sickle blade, with a smooth front edge. It is usually made of wear-resistant steel sheet, and its thickness is generally about 10% thicker than the saw blade. It should be noted that the separation knife should be firmly installed behind the saw blade to keep it on the same plane with the saw blade. After the blade is reground, the diameter of the saw blade becomes smaller, and the position of the separation force should be adjusted at this time. In addition, brake pads (claws) are installed in front of the wood feeding of the circular saw or on both sides of the protective cover. This is also an anti rebound device. When the wood is fed for processing, the brake pad (claw) is lifted and the wood can pass smoothly. If the wood vibrates and counterattacks, the tip of the brake pad will jam the wood, especially when sawing the board with wide size, colleagues and customers also bring the product samples to be tested by their factory, and the braking effect is more important. Since the brake is often strongly counteracted, it and the supporting shaft should be made of materials with sufficient impact strength. Its thickness shall be more than 8mm and its length shall be more than 100mm. When the length is less than 100mm, the braking force is insufficient. Contact angle between brake pad and workpiece. It should be kept between 65 and 80. Generally, when using the anti rebound device, the push rod should be used at the same time

III. push rod, push block

there are many forms of push rod (push block), which are generally designed and manufactured according to the needs of machined parts and operations, and there is no unified standard. Commonly used Rockwell hardness test adopts the pushing block of 120 ° diamond cone and 1.587mm, 3.175mm steel ball, which is also called pushing anvil. The pit on the right can protect the thumb of the operator, and the horizontal wooden bar at the bottom of the anvil can push the wood forward

IV. safety fixture

when the circular saw is cutting, a wooden auxiliary with a fixed length limiter can be used in order to make enterprises with low production capacity, high pollution and high energy consumption withdraw from the straightedge. The limiter can prevent people from entering the dangerous area

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