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How can police drones become a new blue ocean to ensure the rapid development of the market

with its advantages of "accurate detection, staring and fast transmission", the police UAV can quickly and efficiently complete all kinds of urgent and dangerous tasks, and has been favored by the police department. At present, the police UAV market is developing vigorously, but systematic standards, general direct combustion or landfill training and regulatory system construction are still lagging behind, which is the key problem that the government and enterprises need to cooperate to solve next

in recent years, UAV has become an important tool for government departments to enforce the law with the advantages of low cost, easy manipulation, high flexibility and stability. Especially in the police department, police UAV can assist in air monitoring, daily patrol, search and tracking and other tasks, which is particularly popular

the police UAV market is a blue ocean, and the development prospect is very promising.

if you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools. When an emergency occurs, the police UAV can fly to the scene of the accident quickly to carry out work, and can collect high-quality video and real-time audio on the scene, which can be transmitted to the command center in time for the rear to judge and make decisions

in addition, UAV has obvious advantages in traffic management, illegal construction investigation and punishment and other fields. UAV assists traffic management and greatly improves the response efficiency. Once a traffic accident occurs, UAV can capture the intuitive picture, quickly restore the scene when the accident occurs, and provide data support for accident identification

according to relevant statistics, by the end of 2015, there were 25 public security organs in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, 147 actual combat units, equipped with nearly 300 police drones, and vigorously developed police aviation and formed a police aviation fleet. The advantages of police drones are obvious

among the police drones, according to the rough division, the police or special police departments are the most in demand. They are responsible for daily monitoring and security, dealing with outbursts, maintaining stability with a carbon fiber content of about 10% to 40% and detecting criminal cases. Therefore, there are a large number of them. Even every street and village has a police station, followed only by drones for earthquake resistance, flood control and fire fighting

although the market space for police UAVs is huge, the current penetration rate is still low. Take the fire UAV as an example. Ideally, the UAV will eventually become the standard configuration of the fire brigade like the fire truck, but in fact, only a few fire brigades in China have used the fire UAV. According to the China Fire Yearbook, a total of 7375 government full-time fire brigades and 2544 unit full-time fire brigades have been established across the country. By the end of 2016, fewer than 100 fire brigades had conducted bidding in China, which shows that the penetration rate of fire-fighting UAVs is less than 1%

therefore, it can be seen that the police UAV market is still a vast blue ocean that needs to be developed urgently to strengthen the monitoring and analysis of the new material industry, and the future development prospect is very worthy of expectation

police drones need to strengthen training and management to ensure the healthy and rapid development of the market

recently, Chengdu high tech Public Security Bureau welcomed the first batch of police drones in Sichuan Province - "eagle eye" No. 2 and No. 3. Compared with ordinary UAVs, they can carry more intelligent police modules to meet the different police work needs of the Branch Bureau

with the operation of police drones becoming more and more professional and widely used, the operation training and daily supervision of police drones have also become a problem to be solved

at present, there is a lack of technical standards for the police UAV industry, resulting in no reference basis and implementation standards for the police UAV in terms of technical indicators, functional uses, operational adaptability, etc. Some civil UAVs whose product performance has not been tested in actual combat have entered the procurement of police equipment around the country, which brings hidden dangers to the in-depth application of UAVs in police work and the management of UAVs in the future

therefore, first of all, the government and relevant enterprises should speed up the formulation of standards and specifications for the production and use of police UAVs, ensure the quality of UAVs from the source, and implement the safe operation procedures of UAVs

in addition, since the end of 2016, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, Shizuishan, Ningxia and other places have held police UAV training activities, but the coverage is not wide and the training system is still imperfect. In the future, at the national level, we should increase the guidance of police UAV training, formulate basic training norms, and improve and implement them according to the actual requirements, so as to comprehensively create a police UAV training system that meets the work requirements and safety norms

in terms of supervision, relevant national departments should speed up the introduction of working methods for the selection of police unmanned aerial vehicles, registration methods, appearance painting specifications, identification coding methods and guidance and management methods, so as to further standardize the use and ensure flight safety and air traffic control safety while giving full play to the powerful role of police unmanned aerial vehicles

after the establishment of a perfect standard system, training system and supervision system, the police UAV market will usher in a more orderly, healthy and rapid development, which is of great significance for the sustainable ecological chain of the police UAV industry because it can adapt to a variety of experiments

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