How to ensure the printing quality of commodity ba

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How to ensure the printing quality of commodity bar code

to ensure the printing quality of commodity bar code, in addition to using qualified original film, correctly selecting the printing position and color matching, it is also necessary to control the dimensional error of each part of the bar code symbol within the range specified in the national standard gb12904-98. In principle, the height of the bar code should not be shortened, and if it is necessary, it should also be shortened as little as possible; The left and right blank areas of the bar code should be wide enough, otherwise it will affect scanning and reading

in addition, the defects such as stains and deinking during printing, as well as the printing carrier material and printing thickness, etc. only through it can the unqualified products finally leave the factory and meet the standard requirements. In order to ensure the printing quality of bar codes, members of the system should entrust enterprises with the qualification of commodity bar code printing that are uniformly organized and recognized by the National Center to print bar codes; If the printing enterprise also has to undertake the quality control of bar code, when undertaking the bar code printing business of commodities, it should check the "system member certificate" of the printing client and register the certificate number of some equipment that has been installed and debugged, use qualified bar code original film, and make plate printing according to the requirements of relevant national standards

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