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How to ensure the quality of emergency power supply under the lack of standards

the lack of standards has become a major problem perplexing the LED industry, and the more deformed measurement system in the field of emergency power supply is more serious. The emergency power supply belongs to the jurisdiction of the fire department to a greater extent, and its corresponding standards are also formulated by the fire department, and the relevant tests are also carried out by its subordinate institutions, which leads to the relevant tests need to go through more procedures and processes

testing institutions lack relevant testing qualifications

emergency standards belong to the fire department, and relevant rights have not been delegated. Testing institutions in the industry generally have not obtained relevant testing qualifications

as far as the author knows, on the one hand, because the fire department has not been decentralized, on the other hand, because the relevant testing and certification process is complex, most testing institutions have no intention to get involved in this kind of business. The author has also been exposed to the test of emergency power supply before. At present, Shenzhen Lixun Co., Ltd. can carry out relevant tests of some emergency parameters. Mr. Zeng Yaping, who is responsible for the product testing of yinglang at Tencent, said that Shenzhen yinglang optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "yinglang optoelectronics") had previously conducted relevant tests of emergency power supply at Tencent, Its test items are also related to (mpa=106pa is the same as the conventional LED driving power supply test, which is tested according to the relevant standards of en:2012.

the lack of standards is the biggest threshold for the popularization of LED emergency power supply in the domestic market. Previously, yuanyantao, chief engineer of yinglang Optoelectronics Technology, said in an interview that there are no technical problems with emergency power supply. From a technical point of view, it has met the requirements of relevant standards and obtained relevant patent certificates, but due to the lack of relevant standards It is difficult to obtain quasi and relevant certification. At present, it is still difficult to promote in the domestic market

focus on foreign markets

as the pioneer of domestic LED emergency power supply, yinglang optoelectronics has relatively little experience in exploring domestic market standards

luxiaowei, general manager of yinglang optoelectronics, said that the current situation in the domestic market is that relationship is more important than products. The progress of product research and development alone will be relatively slow. So far, yinglang optoelectronics' main markets are overseas. In terms of product certification, at present, the whole lamp is UL certified by enterprises with lamps

with regard to the domestic market, Lu Xiaowei said that at present, the research and development of relevant technical parameters are also being carried out for the domestic market, such as emergency lighting time, conversion voltage, pulse current, charge and discharge time, emergency lighting time and other relevant parameters, which are matched according to the relevant standards of the fire department, and will strive for independent certification for emergency power supply in the future

how to ensure the quality of emergency power supply

ensure the conversion efficiency, which is very important for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulator. The conversion efficiency of emergency power supply involves energy conservation and cost. With higher efficiency under the same power, the battery can be used smaller, more energy-saving and lower cost. In order to ensure the conversion efficiency, yinglang's emergency power supply generally uses lithium battery as the battery of emergency power supply. On the one hand, lithium battery is relatively more efficient and has larger capacity; On the other hand, lithium batteries are conducive to making the volume smaller and easy to install. Under the same volume, the capacity of lithium battery is twoorthree times larger than that of nickel metal hydride battery. For markets with standard requirements for installation, such as the United States, lithium battery is also more practical

select high-quality imported materials. Lu Xiaowei said in the interview that at present, the emergency power supply of yinglang optoelectronics, such as capacitors, MOSFETs and other key components, are made of imported materials to ensure that the products have higher reliability

mohongyong, R & D Manager of Sanxiong Aurora R & D center, said that at present, there are many types of emergency power supplies in the market, and the quality is uneven. Although some are very close to the standard in function, they are very simplified in the actual circuit materials, and the safety is not done enough, resulting in great hidden dangers

professional customized services ensure quality. The application scenarios of emergency power supply are relatively complex, and even require specific scenarios. As for gas stations, the reliability of temperature in the South and north is quite different. One big difference between emergency power supply and ordinary power supply is that each customer has different requirements for their own application scenarios. Yinglang optoelectronics will carry out scheme design and product production according to the requirements of the enterprise. There is no standard product that can meet the requirements of various application scenarios. Lu Xiaowei said that yinglang optoelectronics has always been serving customers based on customization, and the research and development of all products are based on the actual application needs of enterprises. From this, we may see the challenge and charm of the field of emergency power supply

when talking about the quality of emergency power supply, Chen Jian, the purchasing manager of Huarong Technology Co., Ltd., mentioned that most of the emergency power supply are customized products, with strict quality requirements and warranty period provisions. During the warranty period, the common quality faults of electronic scales of emergency power supply are not allowed. Technically, the power supply enterprises are required to fully cooperate, and the two sides discuss and assist each other. "From the current contact and use, the quality of yinglang optoelectronics' emergency power supply is still excellent, meeting our quality requirements." Chen Jian said so

from the current situation, the lack of standards and the difficulty of obtaining certification are the biggest problems faced by emergency power supply, and how to ensure the quality of emergency power supply products is the most important problem for enterprises to explore the market. Yuan Yantao said that at present, what we can do is to design and produce according to existing standards as much as possible, and select high-quality materials to ensure product quality

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