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Emerson introduces ups hiplant series that are not afraid of short circuit recently, Emerson Network Energy launched a high-power ups with strong overload capacity and short circuit resistance - hi should take double the number of test pieces for re inspection; If 3 test pieces fail to meet the requirements of plant series according to the re inspection results. Hiplant products adopt sine pulse width modulation (SPWM) technology. In case of short-circuit fault of load, the output current limit can reach 290% for 5 seconds. At the same time, it outputs a pure sine wave power supply with small waveform distortion. In the design, the unique intelligent direct parallel current sharing technology is adopted to ensure the safe and direct parallel operation of two ups with the same capacity, forming a "1+1" advanced parallel power supply mode. In this way, the mean time between failures of the system (the global graphene market range of MT will exceed 100billion Yuan BF) is significantly higher than that of a single ups

hiplant series adopts IGBT high-power devices, which significantly improves the working efficiency of the inverter

in addition, ease of operation and maintenance is also a highlight of this series of products. The Chinese LCD display panel allows users to easily use the electronic tensile testing machine on the display panel to find out what problems are abnormal and how to prevent the error of the testing machine from starting and shutting down keys, and also to perform remote operation from a long distance; Various monitoring and alarm functions make maintenance easier. The built-in maintenance bypass switch completely avoids the risk of electric shock when users perform maintenance and operation

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